15 Aug 08

T-Bone V Badu (by T-Bone)

T-Bone - Radiating power and strength, this deeply spiritual, massively built African-American towers over most inmates. He is a prison gladiator with more stab wounds than Julius Caesar. A good man to have on your side.

I was in the joint down south.
Three youngsters were bulldogging a guy who wasn’t into the game so to speak.
I walked by and told the guy, “Stand up for yourself, or they’ll never stop because you’ve already been punked!”
The guy started to walk behind me, and people were saying he was my punk behind my back. He asked his wife and mother to send me money. I laughed and told him to stand up.
All the guys in my crew told me there was going to be a problem and that I was on my own because I couldn’t feed every stray that came along.
I said the guy only needs some guidance.
They said people were saying I am soft.
I didn’t care because life is what we make it.

A few weeks went by and then – bam! – I was hit upside the head by this youngster, Badu, who was a hardcore gangbanger from L.A.. He was doing all day, so that put him at an advantage. He said I was taking his punk and I had better back off and find someone else to fuck!
Man, my head was on fire. The smell of my own blood came to me. I couldn’t see straight. Things were all out of sorts and I couldn’t focus. I could have been killed. That’s how I know that there is a Higher Power.

Anyways, I dug deep within myself and got to my feet and saw the rock in Badu’s hand.
He was on his way into the little man’s room, and he was yelling at the guy to get ready to give it to him raw.
All the cells were closing and I stuck my head in the shower and felt the lump on the side of my head – real close to my temple. I was thinking he tried to kill me.
Badu was 6’ 2”, 270 pounds or more and fast.

There wasn’t anything else for me to do but get busy. I pulled off my shirt and wiped my face and head and ran to the cell.
Badu was raping the guy again.
Badu’s celly had his head towards the wall, too scared to help the guy.
Things went quick after that!
I was hit in the right shoulder by the rock because I used the shoulder roll to defend myself.
This part might sound nasty but Badu wouldn’t even stop raping the guy.
I grabbed his left arm, pushed him towards the wall and he got me good. The sick bastard kicked me in the thigh, and I was about to go down out of reflex because it hurt. I mean it really hurt.
He took his eyes off my chest and tried it again and – bang! – I hit him with a left cross in his left eye and then a right foot to his sternum. I followed up with the best punch I’ve ever hit any man with.
He just dropped and that was it.

I looked at him and I was out of it. I mean really seriously out of it. I sat on his chest and grabbed his neck and pounded his head on the floor! I wanted to kill that sick piece of human waste but something touched my heart.
I got off him and the cops were standing there with their mouths open because they let that piece of shit do whatever he wanted because he ran a gang from L.A. to AZ.
The rape victim was crying.
The D.W. wasn’t there so the captain did what he wanted.

I was praying at Medical and they said, “Go back to your cell! Seventy-two hours lockdown!”
That’s all they did. That was it. So I know there is a Higher Power.

The rape victim stood up for himself after that. He lost all of his battles, but he learned.
Badu wasn’t the same after that. He became quiet and lost everything.

So you’ve go to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything!

Peace to you!

Each one – Teach one

Strength & Honor


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Suzanne said...

I don't know you, only a little through the writings that Shaun posts here, but would like to thank you on the rape victim's behalf for stepping up. You put your own standing at risk by doing so and I'm glad the COs didn't punish you for it.

The weak need someone who stands up and stops what most people would let happen, in fear that the costs of being brave would be more than they are willing to handle.

I don't know what you were like before prison, but you seem to have a moral code now that is above reproach.Instead of preying on the weak, you protect them. You're a good man.

Chris H said...


You the man! This is exactly what we were talking about a while back - re Warrior and the rapist.

T-Bone, if there's ever anything you need, get Shaun to contact me! you're a hero.

Hugs and kisses,

Chris H

Anonymous said...

Good story. My ol man says he will never get the sound of this 17 yr old boy screaming, out of him mind.Floridas Prisons.

The fact that there even EXISTS, in paperwork, a specific Rape Form, in all prisons, is suspect right there! I hate guards.

I enjoyed reading this story, thanks.