30 Aug 08

Postcards from Long Island (3)

Long Island - Promising young cellmate I taught to trade the financial markets. Released on the 11th of December '05 and rearrested this year. Alleged to have committed forgery and hit an officer with a car. He is writing from Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Towers jail.


How are you my friend?

I got 1 postcard from you last week. It was numbered #2, so I waited for #1 and it has not arrived. I noticed #2 had an incomplete sentence, ending with the word Towers and a question mark. I’m guessing #1 really did get lost or someone didn’t want that question answered. Were you asking me about the conditions in the jail again? They seem to be very sensitive about stuff like that around here lately. Joe Arpaio goes for re-election in November and a lot of these lawsuits that he’s been putting off for years are finally going before judges.

Whatever was on postcard #1, please rewrite and send to me. I’d be happy to answer any of your or your readers’ questions. You’ve always answered so so many of mine! I’ll never forget the days in prison we spent anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Investor’s Business Daily.

By the way, I laugh every time I think about you having dated a detective. How did that go you crazy bastard?

Please send Two Tonys my regards as well.

Much Love

Long Island

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Anonymous said...

What kind of sentence is Long Island likely to get? What's the craziest stuff he's seeing at Arpaio's jail?


Suzanne said...

I always thought Long Island, from your writings of him, had potential to leave jail and not come back - he seemed to really have an aptitude for the stockbroker stuff.

Does LI think this is the last time in for him?

Anonymous said...

did long island ever make inroads into seeking work in the financial markets?