Family Sues For $3million Over Death of Inmate

At Tucson prison - where I once resided - a mentally-ill inmate, Tony Lester, had just come off suicide watch when he was given access to a razor blade in a hygiene kit. He slit his throat and fell onto the floor. The guards responded. Shocked by the amount of blood, they did nothing to save his life. They just watched him bleed to death. The guards have since cited their lack of medical training and fear that Anthony had a weapon for not trying to stop the bleeding.


bail bonds las vegas said...

$3M sounds like an insane amount of money to be asking for. Then again, if that was my relative, I don't know what amount would be justifiable.

Anonymous said...

"Clearly he had something to cut himself if he was alone in a cell when he cut himself, so assuming he could cut them isn't outrageous. And "off suicide watch" is no longer on suicide watch. Blame can go to the psychiatric staff or to the inmate for lying. Speculation abounds, but pretty much all the signs for suicidal intent are there at all times for all inmates. Mental illness such as severe depression is a systemic problem in prison, but most people on the outside see this as a feature and not a bug. Situational or chemical depression? Based on the number of inmates that self-medicate, I think the answer is "Yes." Troubled people can do troubling things, people want to blame somebody, and prison is no place for the mentally-ill in general and can make mentally-ill people out of "normal" ones. But it probably doesn't matter: the state will settle rather than risk a big judgment and policy won't change and the prison system certainly won't."


Anonymous said...

Wow, these guys can have such HULK like reactions when they are bullying the inmates, but such Pee Wee reaction when it comes to helping them. smh.


bioengineered said...

"Lester had attempted suicide in late June but was taken off a subsequent suicide watch two days before his death. The state's investigation shows that officers were confused about where he should have been moved."

"The same records indicate that Lester should not have received razors in a hygiene kit the prison provides. A corrections officer mistakenly gave Lester a kit containing a pair of razors that Lester used to cut his throat."

^^ the above was taken from an Azcentral article

Between AHCCS and other entities handing out dangerous pysch meds, negligence and just ignorance, the mentally ill of Arizona will continue to suffer in and out of prison. Arizona is ranked as one of the worst for taking care of sick people.

Shaun, have you heard anything from Slingblade? I just flashed back to his peanut butter escapades and use of the tv guide.

~Big Jason

Carl Toersbijns - Retired Correctional Administrator said...

There is much more to this event that will ever be revealed in a blog, a newspaper. This case will never go to trial as the staff were so incompetent even the Arizona AG won't be able to argue a sensible defense for their non action and lack of treatment as well as custodial responsibilities concerning inmate safety.