Question Time

Charlie asked: any new news on the film or TV series?

Shaun:  My literary agent just sent Party Time to various publishers. He's sending it directly to US publishers this time, and feels that Party Time is more likely to generate a movie deal than Hard Time because jail memoirs are so common these days. The TV producer I spoke to is in the process of changing companies, but he said he still definitely wants to do it. It usually takes me at least five years to get a big result in my chosen profession. I just entered my fifth year since my release from prison, and I can sense something big is near.

Click here to read a really touching piece written by my friend, Charlie, one of the most well-meaning ex-prisoners I've ever met:

Shaun Attwood


Anonymous said...

there had better be a movie i'd watch it


Anonymous said...

If they do a movie of Party Time, I hope they still include info about how you've changed things around - that's what makes you/your story so remarkable... would be very easy to focus on the crazy stuff and for it to be glamorised: at odds with all your work now. Glad things are moving forward with this, and hope that the big thing that's near isn't just Wild Man?! ;-)

Rosa said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Big things are coming, I'm sure. :)

Anonymous said...

It's been five years since you left Arizona's fine establishments. Time flies when your having fun:)

Alan P.