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Shaun Attwood  


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed listening to the conversation between you and Shaun, Timothy (would it be alright if I addressed you as Timothy?). It seems that you are doing well. I'd like to give a few helpful suggestions, about the importance of having your own personal e-mail address, and you having access to the Internet on computers. Most of us take these things for granted, but this also means that we can forget to explain how important e-mail, Internet access, etc., is to someone who might be using these things for the first time. If you already have your own e-mail address, and Internet access, Timothy, please disregard what I write below. Timothy, everyone keeps in touch by computer these days. Your own personal e-mail account is not hard to set up, and is easy to use. There are also Internet phone services, such as Skype, which allow you to call people overseas for extremely inexpensive rates. (You'll save a ton of money on phone calls to the UK.) :) Buying a laptop computer or a home computer, whether new or used, is one of the first things that you should purchase. If you are unable to do so, they have "internet cafes", where for a small fee, you can use the internet. Here's something to do, that I think you'll find interesting. Ask a close friend or family member who has a computer if they would mind you going on the Internet for a few minutes. Ask them to "google", "Jon's Jail Journal Blogspot". Anybody can look it up, and you don't have to "sign in", or anything. The Internet is the world's "biggest library", with information on every subject, as well. I think that you get the point I'm trying to make, about how important e-mail and internet access is for you. Like I said previously, everyone communicates with each other through computers now. Ask Shaun to explain how important the things I've just talked about are to a person, and why you should have these things. And remember, if you are unable to purchase a computer right now, there are always "internet cafes". I'm only trying to give what I think would be helpful suggestions. Keep well, Timothy, and keep us informed with what's going on in your life. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, the Internet suggestions were by me, Azar. :) (I forgot to sign my name to the comment.) :)


Jon said...

thanks, Azar