Christmas Prison Poetry by a Prisoner

Twas the night before Christmas 
And all through the cells, 
The convicts were locked down 
Madder than hell. 
Except for the lifers 
Kicked back on their bunks 
With heads filled with visions 
Of all of these grumps. 
When suddenly from the roof top 
There arose such a roar 
That the cops thought 
It must be a riot for sure. 
The goon squad came running 
Ready to hit 
And the Sergeant yelled out, 
“Who started this shit?”. 
“It came from the roof,” 
Sniveled some low life snitch. 
“Must be a break out. 
Oh! Son of a bitch!” 
They climbed to the rooftop 
By way of the stairs 
And found a fat freak 
In bright red underwear. 
“Ho! Ho! Ho!” said the dude, 
“I’m here on the scene”. 
“Good Lord,” said the Captain 
“We’ve captured a Queen!” 
They yelled, “Hey you in the sleigh, 
Get your hands on the wall.” 
Then slapped on the cuffs 
And searched him an all. 
They booked him, and threw him 
In the hole with a kick; 
Well, so much for Christmas 
They’ve busted St. Nick! 

Click here to read about my last Christmas in prison in Arizona 

Shaun Attwood

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