Welcome Banged Up Abroad Viewers

If you just watched my Banged-Up Abroad episode, you may be interested in the video below in which I describe the jail conditions in much more horrific detail. I also describe the gang violence and murders committed by the guards. The video ends with a gang rape and beheading story.  

Shaun Attwood


muzuzuzus said...

Harrowing to hear and see for sure. I though must also offer a critique of the message. On one hand I can see that you are warning young people about the hell that is waiting for them if they get busted and find themselves in those evil brutal places, BUT in doing so there is no acknowledgement that this culture's sacred DRUG is alcohol which is as dangerous if not more so than the drugs you mention!! And what I am seeing in this totally fucked up insane culture of which the UK and US and the western world etc are examples, young people are thinking that alcohol is NOT a drug. They hear all this shit about a 'war on drugs' and yet apparently booze has £600 millions spent on advertizing it by the alcohol industry, and they are targeting younger and younger people. I noticed you included pot in your list of 'dangerous drugs'. Pot, mate, is a natural plant that grows in the soil, and yet as you say you can find yourself holed up in one of those evil places, and that is NOT good. So there is no sense of the utter brutality of not just prison but of this culture which wages a so-called war on drugs which CAUSES the very gangsterism you warn of. I mean, fuck, it is abc---remember the Prohibition of Alcohol and all that gangsterism which was CAUSED BY the prohibition! it is 2+2=4 ville. Please listen to this guy whose talk I listened to yesterday. It is actually the most natural thing for people to do--want to change their consciousness, and people will always try drugs. That is so--you cannot wage war against it Every War On Drugs Myth Thoroughly Destroyed By A Retired Police Captain
There is no talk about the GOOD MDMA can do. No acknowledgement of the current research going on which is giving MDMA to veterans, and rape victims etc who have serious trauma and it having positive results. No mention of marijuana being allowed in places loke Colorado, US for medical purposes. No mention that people CAN use it quite peacfully, and Jon if I had a child I would far sooner they smoked pot than drank I assure you. Kids now are not stupid, and know how to get info through the internet. Yes of course they should be told about the absolute horror of the foul prison system, but rather that that is the sewers of an insane system which is causing the very situation it is claiming to be against. Unless we go deeper into this it is just not doing it man. I have a feeling the schools wouldn't allow that though, because they are this culture's gatekeeper.

muzuzuzus said...

actually last I saw it is *£800 MILLION

Jamie Brouwer said...

I know drug dealing is a crime, but I always wondered why they are put in jail with murderers. you did something wrong ok. But you never hurt someone. you made a mistake dealing drugs but your a good person. I think they have to make different parts in a jail, for 'good/normal minded' people and killers. they can't just put murderes with (for example) someone who did a robbery with a fake gun cause he didn't want anyone to get hurt.

sorry for my bad English, I'm from Holland.

I just saw your story on national geographic, You got my respect.

- Jamie Brouwer

Jon said...

I agree about alcohol. Its the biggest killer of men under 50 in the UK. It's the number 1 drug in date rape and 50% of violent crime.

Greetings Jamie in Holland!

Anonymous said...

wow !! Something great coming out of your jail term. i think you were taken down that road for the purpose.

Anonymous said...

WTF. I'm so glad you had the balls to out them. This is terrifying. Sheriff Joe is disgusting and sociopathic.