From T-Bone (Letter 58)

T-Bone is a massively-built spiritual ex-Marine, who uses fighting skills to stop prison rape. T-Bone’s latest letter from Arizona prison:

Seeing all of this Black Lives Matter in the news made several things come to mind from my past. There are instances where I was treated like I was from outer space by the police!

I was in a car with a friend of mine named Tony and the cops stopped us. Tony’s a white guy, and they treated him with kindness and respect. They asked him to step out of the car, then one cop put his hand in the driver side window with a gun, and the other cop pointed his weapon at my head through the passenger’s side window.

“Go ahead, nigger, move. Just move and I’ll kill, you nigger.”
Why? Because I am black in a car with a white guy in a public park, eating a Starvin Marvin’s sandwich at 12:50 pm. The park was Reed Park in a nice part of Tucson.

They took me out of the car, threw my food in the dirt, grabbed my arms and made me lay down on my food for over an hour, while they tried to talk Tony into saying I was doing him some type of wrong.

At the jail, they ended up questing us for possession of weed. The weed had been in Tony’s pocket. They let us go, with me having being bitten by the ants all over my neck and face, and arms.

I was told to go to a neighborhood watch committee to get help because of what the police had done to me. We did, but they just played games and kept passing the buck!

Then there was a time when some of the guys I grew up with were standing outside after we had finished eating. The police came after us with dogs and shotguns. I was only 3 with 11 and 12 year old black boys, who were eating after a basketball game.

Did it affect us? Yes, it did. I still do have a distrust of white police officers because of how they have treated me over the years. But God has healed a major part of my heart! I know this for sure that if God wasn’t with me, that cop would have shot me! I look at the situation and see how they purposely went after me because I am black.

I am in here innocent. I didn’t rob anyone. At trial, a woman said that I didn’t threaten her, and that I took money off of the counter, with no proof, no cameras, no nothing, just her word. Not one thing is consistent with anything she said in the police reports.

I am going to stop for now because a kid in here has some problems with meth addiction. I love you all. Be at peace.
Each one – Teach one – Strength + Honor
Steel Embrace.


Shaun Attwood  


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