Poem about Jon by Prophet

Creative Isolation

These four walls surround my soul
but yet they've set my spirit free
with each passing moment inside this cube
another spark ignites inside me
burning a fuse that leads to a ballpoint
I explode on to the paper
all my sentiment
emotions not to be exposed
not while in this modern day dungeon
but I must have release
and these writings like the air I breathe provide me with survival
my hand sore from clasping pen innards
the only ventilation for my words to escape this musty chamber
once trapped in life now imprisoned in a cell
I transcend these walls through my written word
I rise above the wire fence to touch you with my intellect
for my arms may not grasp beyond this cage,
but my thoughts have traveled father than mortal limbs could ever reach
my mind-set entered homes I may never see
this so called 'correction' is nothing but my own creative isolation
and as long as there is creation there is life...
and I will,
live on

I'm a friend and faithful reader of Jon's Jail Blog. I recently wrote the above poem on a poetry forum I belong to based on your son's circumstance. I wanted to share it with you as well. I wanted to draw more attention to his ordeal so I added links to his webpages. I hope you enjoy and please tell Jon Happy New Year and that I pray for his safe return to you his family.

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing poem. I am sure Jon will be extremely pleased that he has been an inspiration to someone in this way.

Anonymous said...

To Prophet - you understand and put into words the feelings that Jon expresses in his writing and how he touches and reaches out to people with his words. I congratulate you on this fine tribute to Jon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jon,
Thanks to webactive magazine I got the link to your site. I have read it from beginning to end which took me a couple of hours.I can't imagine how you feel being imprisoned and so far away from your family.
I just thought I would send a quick email to wish you luck and to say that I have written a bit about you on my blog and I have also linked to your site.
Good Luck and best wishes for the future,