08 November 05

Feeding Time

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Jon’s book wishlist – he is allowed used or new books as long as they are sent direct from publishers such as Amazon.


Anonymous said...

I great insight into your day - it is good to read of your daily schedule as I think it brings us closer to understanding your writing when we can understand your routine.

Gives us perspective I suppose mate.

Take care and cheers

Anonymous said...

Good luck fella in there

I check out your blog every now and then from manchester UK.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,

I too check out your blog every so often from Germany. Happy xmas from us over here. I noticed that you have an Amazon wishlist. You can easily display your Amazon wishlist on your blog by going here:


You enter your Amazon Wish List ID and that will then give you a small piece of Javascript code to cut and paste into your blog template. You can use CSS to style it to your blog’s look and feel. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon

Eddie here, just wanted to leave a message to say keep it up and just believe you will be out soon back with all your loving family.

The blogs great and it makes me feel good after reading it.

keep up the writing as its great will keep reading!

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Take care.

(Warrington UK)