Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year to all readers

Can I just take this opportunity to thank everyone who read the article in Cosmo and took the time to email or write a comment?
Jon does not have access to a computer - we forward all emails and comments to him and I am sure he will be busy in the New Year replying. He has already received some and they have ensured a happy xmas for him.
I am keeping the blog going while our parents are in the US visiting Jon and have not had time to respond individually to comments.
Karen, Jon’s sister


Christine said...

the whole time I'm reading it i hear the song of "Chicago" in my head.........I just wonder where the little red scarf is going to come from??? GEESH............'he had it coming'

Anonymous said...

hi Jon. Good luck. No, fuck that, nevermind. Life is a skill thing. Read a book by Milton Cudney called "Self Defeating Behavior". REBT is really the science of how people change. It's honest and accurate. Cudney further elaborates by describing the dynamic of self defeat -breaks it down in to stages. As far as the story about the guy who whacked the other individual... Who cares? Make your life better Jon.

lucky henry said...

Sounds like self defense to me.

Anonymous said...

I would say foresight is a wonderful thing. Looks to me like he had it coming to me! That or the alternative.

lo :)

Vengeful Kenny said...

T seems like he was a real snake. Tony probably saved a lot of lives by putting that monster down.