15 May 06

Sexy Mail

My mail included a Manila envelope from Royo Girl. In it I discovered four fantasy-art prints and a picture, but no letter. I enjoyed the perfume.
Why no letter? I thought That’s a first. Is Royo Girl trying to tell me something? Maybe the pics contain a cryptic message.
I examined the pictures. Four women drawn by Luis Royo. A redhead wearing only latex thigh-highs, elbow-length gloves, army boots and a leather cap; a tribal tatoo on her tailbone. A sleep-walking Goth in a flowing cloak, hands on hips, pushing a thong down. A brunette in a diaphonous gown holding a monocle. A woman with long black hair wearing a blindfold and elbow-length gloves. The fifth picture was a photo of Angelina Jolie in a sheer dress, looking down and smiling at her breasts. I had to stop looking at the pictures because they were disrupting my blood flows.

Royo Girl looks similar to the girl in the Luis Royo prints. What is she up to sending me these things?

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Chris Hawthorne said...

Shaun, mate, sounds torturous!

Just the description of the pics was bad enough! Have you met her yet? You hear horror storied of men meeting pem pals / web lovers and them turning out to be Quosi-modo!!

Don't get you're hopes up!

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do dont let Frankie know - he'll be turning up for chess in full Goth Garb ;-)


Tony said...

Careful mate, it'll make you blind.

Oh, by the way, have you seen my specs?


Anonymous said...

I think she's just looking to get a rise out of you, mate. Enjoy it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

YOu've asked for the woman's advice. Here we go.
She takes your mental energy and you are a wise enough to know it yourself:) You sit and think there "why did she do like that?" and she just needed someone who'd proove that she's quite okish, yet. I am not to judge here her behaviour but don't name the posts concerning her exhibitionism using word "love" even with word "little" in it anymore again, please:) It's not, you know:))
P.S. No offences here.ok?:)