22 May 06

Tarot 2

Xena and I enjoyed your responses to the Tarot blog. Here are your readings:

Cheryl asked if she’s going to get off her "fat female butt" to look for a job. And what field it should be in.

“The Tower means total destruction. Cheryl loses jobs quickly and her relationships lack support. She has lots of family and friends but she is just getting by. To end the career instability she needs to go to school, learn a field, and become her own boss. She can make it happen if she gets off her ass. Good fields are sales, especially real estate.”

Lisa asked if she will marry the man she is with now.

“The person Lisa is in love with is the man 100 percent. Quarrels are a fact of life in all healthy relationships. Get over that and go for it, girlfriend.”

Joanne82 asked for a general reading.

“Joanne finds potential mates uninteresting. She’s not truly looking for love, but she wants a family, including a little boy. She hopes she doesn’t destroy herself by pushing in one direction. She should focus and get grounded on one thing before she starts her other plans. The fear has to leave. She’s not gonna have a whole lot – no big chunks of change or property – unless she keeps working at it.”

J asked if he should stay with his girlfriend.

“J wants to party. His girlfriend doesn’t. They have a child together but its not working out. If he wants to continue partying he should absolutely leave her.”

Mary asked if she would ever meet me.

“The inverted Magician tells me no, but the other cards say maybe. She wants physically and spiritually to meet you,but her family and friends are no help whatsoever because they don’t think it is a respectful move. She has surety of seeing you but doesn’t know how to initiate it. She is willing to meet you against the beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and verbal commands of her family and friends. It is possible if she overcomes these forces.”

Vega is at a crossroads in life and wanting to be steered in a positive direction.

“It’s a positive reading. Vega is in bondage having to do with a child. There’s a lotta stress and little support. Vega has skills in finance. He needs to lose the extra weight that he is carrying mentally. The final outcome, upright Death, signifies the shedding of life and starting over. Start over Vega and things will be fine.”

Joanne wants to know if her son will get better.

“I see some improvement, but it’s gonna cost a lot of money. He has been very ill. You and your husband need to be there for him because he is in emotional turmoil. Travel and pursue your plans. If everything falls into place he will get better.”

Trena is concerned over her sons and imprisonment.

“The inverted Devil means there’s bondage Trena doesn’t accept. The Ten of Swords means murder. The bondage is due to her children, and she already knows the answer to this question. Yes, prison, and its gonna cost her financially. She has enemies: the people putting her kids away. I know it’s a snitch, basically.”

JMK is curious about where her life will go.

“This reading is about travel, and being tied down. JMK lacks money and help from outside sources. There’s negative energy coming from her family. There’s not much her father can do for her. Something is preventing her from being committed to take control of her life. She will travel. Her friends and family will hold her down until she is willing to break the bond. Information from her father should be relied on.”

Don wants to know if he should move to Nicaragua.

“This is a troubling reading to do with things Don has done. These things will follow him no matter. He wants to leave because he is in love. He wants to go and he should make it happen. If he stays the negative things will find him sooner rather than later.”

Xena’s closing statement, “To all of you who desire Xena and are looking for a relationship, you know where to find me. Just ask and I will answer. Anybody who wants a reading by me, ask and I will answer.”

Any more takers?

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Don said...

Thank you Xena. Your reading was wise and thought provoking.

Joanna82 said...

Thanks Xena. I appreciate that. I truely do.

Deanna said...

Wow, those are all pretty amazing in their specificity, considering she doesn't know anything about each person!

I've been reading your blog regularly for about two years and love it, by the way!

I'd love for Xena to let me know if I'll ever get married!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog since it has begun but have never posted.

It really sheds a light on the true nature of what is really going on behind those dark walls.

Question for Xena:

Should we move to New York (where I have to start a whole new business) or stay in Maryland (with the already established one).


Pippa said...

So, I have a lot of questions. My life is about to get messed up again. I'm going back to New Zealand in 9 days. I've been in Holland for about 11 months now. I'm really starting to like it here. I want to come back to Holland. How long should I wait before returning? I'm 17 so I'm going to start uni in 6 months time. Should I stay in NZ for that or come back to Holland? Will i come just for a holiday or live in Holland? Is my man living in Holland or NZ?
So basically, it would be great if you could sort my life out for me!
xx Pippa

Miss M said...

Question for Xena:
Will my Dad get better? This means alot to me.

Lady Xok said...

Hey, I think we must be kindred "X" spirits, or is that X-tacular bosom buddies?

So, why not, here's my question for Xena....Do I keep writing my freaking PhD, or bail on grad school and travel the world like a modern-day ascetic in search of other sympathetic X's?

J. said...

I guess I'd like a general reading about what restrains me from success in all the myriad things in life people want. Thanks and stuff. :)

Christine said...

Hum........that was all interesting.....I love the "cards".

Please tell me.......My daughter is Pregnant and her b/f doesn't approve......she is home living...will he come around or will i be forced to raise yet another child and have her live at home with us for the rest of her life?????