8 April 06


I obtained a tarot reading from Xena, who has been a Wiccan high priest for fifteen years.
“These are the rules,” Xena said. “Don’t ask questions with time limits. Don’t ask more than one question at a time. Think of a question but don’t say it. OK?
“Yes,” I said.
"Now shuffle the cards and think about your question."
As I shuffled, the thought that came to mind was: how successful will I be?
“The question, Xena said, “has to do with what you are gonna be doin’ in your life.”
“It certainly does.”
“Now cut the cards three times.”
After I’d cut them, Xena arranged the cards in rows. Studying them carefully, Xena began the reading: “The Six of Wands covered by the inverted Eight of Swords means you’re in bondage not of your approval. Crossed by the Two of Cups. The crosses mean communication with a person you envisage yourself with. The Wheel of Fortune – the card below you – indicates past abundance. From past to present, the inverted Death card says what happened in the past is counting in the present, and you’re past abundance is somethin’ you don’t want to let go of.”
“Also, you are takin’ on more than you can handle. You must drop one thing, and focus on another, or else things will collapse on you. Your future card is Temperance. You will do incredibly well emotionally. You have a lotta support, which is gonna be a large influence in your life.
In terms of hopes, somebody who is already there is gonna help you carry a burden. And somebody you have doubted, is gonna be there for you when you get out.”
“Interesting, I wonder who?”
“Your environment – the inverted Knight of Wands signifies that even though you’ll have lots of support, you’re gonna hafta give yourself your own support. Your fears, all your fears are gonna stop when you get out - you’re gonna be left alone.
The whole readin’ tells me you need a solid support structure, and you’ll thrive. But you fear you’re not gonna have abundance or a support structure – nothin’ but yourself."
“The final outcome is the upright King of Cups. Your family and friends will be there for you, but most prominent of all is your father, who will be like a stone, solid as a rock, emotionally and otherwise. He’ll have a lot to do influencin’ your future.”
“My dad will be amused to read that. There’s plenty to ponder there. Thanks, Xena. I’m glad the reading turned out so positive.”
“Let me know if you want me to do another readin’ for you or any of your friends, or even your readers.
“How could you do it for a reader?
“They just pose a question, and I put it to the cards.”

Any takers?

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Cheryl said...

Hey Zena

I'd be honoured!

If I am going to get off my fat female butt and look for a job, what field should it be in?

Cheryl said...

OMG I mean Xena, with an X.

Lisa said...

I'll ask Xena a question. Will I marry the man I'm with now? I read your blog almost everyday. You have some very good stuff on here. Good luck and keep posting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Xena
I am a professional tarot reader and I must say great reading.. I make a living from this field and feel you could as well when you are out..
I applaude you and still say you rock the yard...
great to see you ... here

Joanne82 said...

Xena, I would really like a reading if it wouldn't be to much trouble.

J said...

I've been having problems with my girlfriend lately, so,

Should I stay with my current girlfriend? Or move on and find someone else?

Anonymous said...

I would like to ask the Mighty Xena this question:

Will I ever meet Sean?

Mary in NC

vega said...

Xena, I'd be obliged to have some insight as well...As I aproach this next major crossroad in my life, can your forsee any unobvious actions I can take (or avoid) to influence my direction in a positive way???

P.S. John, thanks for your positive influence on helping me to stretch my mind in ways I couldn't experience otherwise.

Joanne said...

Will my son ever get better?

Don said...

Glorious Xena, will get to get out of this stupid country and live in Nicaragua or be stuck here forever??

Tell me what the cards say, great Xena!!

Trena said...

Xena -
I'm thinking about my two boys. They may be or have been or will be (over and over again) your neighbors.