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Anonymous said...

Hi, I can't believe, I just got a first letter from Jon through ZEN. I left one comment a half of a year ago for one of the posts and what have I found in my box today? Right! Letter from Shaun!
Zen, I have no idea who you are, but thank you indeed. Be well.

Anonymous said...

No offense, I'd love to e-mail you, you sound like you have your heart and head in the right place, but I live in the states, and i am too paranoid of anything regarding Joe Arpaio!

After reading your page, my initial inclination was to write you in response and praise your site, your grass roots movement, and your stand against this tyrant - but, but, the next thought that occurred to me was that I would not put it past our government, Joe Arpaio, and any other number of agencies to set up a page specifically designed to appear Anti-Arpaio to get people to respond with their true opinions, some possibly voicing "threats" or ideas of what should be done to him, all the while logging the information (the requirements to send an e-mail to this page: name, e-mail, and ergo IP address, which gives away your address; even if you use a public library or something, you have to log in with your SSN or drivers license number now, so it's still a dead giveaway to Who You Are) to use against you if you say anything that could be construed as a threat.

I remember that when President Bush was in office, people that were protesting his actions and other things were being arrested for saying things such as, "I think he's a worthless scumbag," etc. or that someone should assassinate him, even though they were just expressing their right to free speech, and were not making explicit or direct threats against him.

Like I said, I would not be amazed to find out that Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County, and any other groups or agencies would stoop so low as to collude with each other to set up a "trap" like this for citizens to try and rid society of dissidents against their near-fascist regime.

I'm of the mind that what they're doing is comparable to detention camps in Nazi Germany - though much less discriminatory in their selection of sufferers.

I believe that Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County, and several members of it's political and governmental structure are nothing short of evil, that they are playing God (and getting away with it). If they weren't members of their offices, they would be brought up on RICO charges faster than I could finish typing this sentence.

The FBI should send in an undercover agent (or agents) to get caught, with video cameras in the cars or on the persons, lab tested documentation of substances on them that are not illegal to see if the police force there would swap it out to frame them, and so on and so forth.

I also cannot begin to describe my sadness and dismay at the public in Arizona for condoning this behavior. Arpaio is nothing more than a bully, the leader of a gang, a mafia don - he just has a badge, so it's okay. It's disgusting the degree of naivety and blindness that is being displayed (although I also wouldn't be surprised if they are rigging the elections), and it's a disappointment so great to me that I am somewhat ashamed to share the same genus as these so called people.

If anything, they are being controlled by fear and misappropriation of information - and I would love to spend some time in Maricopa County to see how they truly display things to the public, but I know that as a person with my own mind that cannot be swayed or budged, I would be promptly arrested for any number of reasons (ie: suspicion of disorderly conduct or trespassing, which is something that people HAVE been arrested for in Maricopa County).

At any rate, I hope that you are a real person not affiliated with the aforementioned evils, and that what you are doing, saying, emphasizing (and so on and so forth), is real, and that your intent in bringing awareness to this truly disgusting aberration of behavior and conduct is actually meant.

If that is the case, keep it up! If only there were a way to open people's eyes and minds more often and more quickly, perhaps the world would not be in such a state.