07 Sept 06

Repo’s Return

Seeing Repo standing in line for chow with Yard 3, I asked, “What happened? How long did you last on the outs?”
“Fifty-seven days,” Repo said, swelling with the proudness of an inmate whose prior attempts at freedom hadn't lasted nowhere near as long.
“I was doin’ it, makin’ legit money, repoin’ cars and shit. I even got married to a bad-ass ol’ lady. We were livin’ in a house in Glendale.”
“But you copped a new charge?”
“Yeah. Prohibited possesser. Some jackass stole my ol’ lady’s car, and I repoed it back, but I was pulled over and there was a gun under the seat.”
“That sucks. How much time did they give you?”
“Seven-and-a-half years.”
“You signed for seven-and-a-half for that?”
“I had no choice. Thay said if I didn’t sign and took it to trial, I’d lose and they’d stack all my charges, so I’d get twenty-somethin’ years.”
“Yep. That’s how they get you. Sorry to hear that, man.”
“I ain’t sweatin’ it.”

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ad14456456 said...

Christ, it's frustrating to hear how all these people end up right back behind bars so quickly. It seems ridiculous how fast they end up there. How could they all be so stupid as to land themselves back in there? They really must deserve to be locked up.

Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

My son is in prison, and our defending attorney told us that the defense side is usually devoid of people. I'm going back in to be a volunteer and maybe make sure someone has a contact on the outside to help them. You can't imagine where some people come from, and that's the problem.

Dorothy said...

This is also a very good post which I really enjoyed reading. It is not every day that I have the possibility to see something like this..