Thank Yous

Numerous people have helped me in various ways, so some thank yous are in order.
I would like to thank everyone who wrote a letter of support for my commutation of sentence hearing.
My birthday would have been just another day without the cards and letters that cheered me up no end. Thank you to those who went out of their way to put a smile on my face.
Because of the generosity of people sending books, I’ve been able to read over 200 this year, and have donated hundreds to the prison library to be enjoyed by others. Due to your kindness, I’ve discovered Don DeLillo, and enjoyed David Sedaris, Woody Allen, Martin Amis, and Amos Oz.
Good lookin’ out!


Anonymous said...


How much time do you have left to do? -Jose in San Diego

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,

When is your release date? Will you be released directly to immigration jail for deportation proceedings, or will they do that while you're still where you are?

Good luck, mate!

Anonymous said...

Amos Oz's Black Box is excellent!