14 May 07

Grit Goes Berserk and Gets Shot

Requiring Grit to attend a drug-infested halfway house in Sunnyslope does not appear to have helped him become a productive member of society.

The Arizona Republic reported Grit’s rampage:

Shoplifting suspect shot after stabbing 2 guards

A knife-wielding shoplifting suspect who stabbed two security guards was shot Friday noon by Phoenix police officers.
The shooting took place about 12.45 p.m. near the QuikTrip gasoline station and convenience store, 2850 W. Thunderbird Road in northwest Phoenix.
Police gave this account:
The suspect…was chased in a parking lot by two security guards at a Fry’s Electronics store after he stole unspecified merchandise.
The two guards were stabbed during a confrontation with the man.
The thief ran across Thunderbird Road and carjacked a van from a woman at a restaurant, then rammed a police patrol car driven by a Phoenix police sergeant.
[He] got out of the van and was confronted by two other police officers. He lunged at one of the officers with a knife and was shot in the shoulder by the other officer, police said.

After committing two stabbings, a carjacking, and attempting to stab a police officer, it’s likely that Grit will spend the rest of his life in prison. Or as Two Tonys put it: “Grit’s done, bro, put a fork in him.”

Is the system that forced Grit into the halfway house at fault or must Grit ultimately accept responsibility for his actions?

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I have no sympathy for Grit. The sad reality is that he's the consummate unrehabilitatable criminal.

I doubt that things would have worked out much differently if he hadn't gone to the halfway house. I'd bet my life that it only would have been a short matter of time before he got into some more trouble and of course blamed everyone but himself.

I can sympathize with cases such as yours and many of the other guys who have been locked up because they've been cast to the side by a system that doesn't care or work, or have just made mistakes for which they truly repent.

Our fantastically flawed penal system does know how to effectively deal with misanthropic psychopaths such as these though. Lock them up and throw away the key, because these murderous parasites represent the greatest threat to society's right to life, liberty and happiness.

Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

As long as people have freedom of choice, they can choose a different road. Those that don't have to be dealt with. Our recovery group family that works in local jails and rehabs has dealt with two deaths, an imprisonment of one of our own and numerous relapses this past month. It is a fact of life that is never easy to bear, and I don't know what all the answers are.

I would disagree that individual people pose the greatest threat to to our society. I believe it is our collective lack of vigilance.

Anonymous said...

For Grit to sit in prison the rest of his life it is tax dollars well spent to keep him there. A price to pay for keeping society safe from people that are beyond help. The criminal/justice/penal system will never have to the tools to reform a person like Grit.

Anonymous said...

"Is the system that forced Grit into the halfway house at fault or must Grit ultimately accept responsibility for his actions?"

Yes, and yes.

Anonymous said...

all this holier than thou condemnation is sickening, the guy is obviously no saint, but a helping hand along the way would maybe have helped - not just throwing him back into the candy store

Anonymous said...


You know, as a person who has served time here in California (Tehachapi and Donovan State Prisons)I got my life in order after being released. I must say that everyone who is locked up and paroled is afforded the same opportunity to get their life in order. ALL halfway houses operate in the same manner (such as the one Grit descibed, there at least 5 in San Diego I know of). It is up to the individual to hold firm and make a way out. No one, and I mean NOONE should be blamed for Grits situation. To blame the justice system is irresponsible and downright nonsense. Where is PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY for his actions? He needs to take responsibilty for what he did, REGARDLESS of waht hand he was dealt. I know of many that would have loved to been afforded the opportunity to parole. Too bad he f**ked it up. Now he willhave plenty to think about it. This is in no way meant to be insulting or disrepectful to Grit and his family. It is very unfortunate. I can see drugs already got the best of him as sson as he got out. So sad... -Jose619

Anonymous said...

I have sympathy for Grit. Clearly personal responsibility is important, but it seems like this guy belongs in a mental institution. Before throwing away the key on someone's life, some manner of rehab ought to take place. I don't know this guy, maybe he really is just a terrible hardened criminal to be locked away forever, but I believe he should have gotten at least the chance of treatment for his addiction, rather than being thrown into a halfway crackhouse.