1st June 07

Kat (Part 3)

With long dark hair not lacking a Pantene shine, Kat sashayed into my cell and sat down.
“If you don’t mind me asking,” I said. “What are you in prison for?”
“An accident,” Kat said. “Two people had stalled at 7th Avenue and Dunlap. Instead of pushing their car off the road, they opened the hood and stood in front of the car. I came up right behind them and pushed the car over them. One died and one was seriously injured.”
“Wow! That’s awful. Was alcohol involved?”
“Yes. People had been buying me drinks at the bar. The bar was sued for serving me over the limit.”
“How much time did you get?”
“I signed a plea bargain for twelve years for vehicular manslaughter.”
“How much time do you have left to serve?”
“I get out in twenty-one months. This was never a part of my life plan. Who knew?”
“Taking someone’s life must have devastated you?”
“Yes. What happened will haunt me forever. It’s completely changed my life and the way I see the world. How a life can change overnight.”
Seeing the inner pain in Kat's eyes, I changed the subject.
“How come your skin looks so good? Do you have an exfoliation routine? Or use Jergens?”
“I put vitamin E on my face at night, and wash it off with Camay an hour later.”
“And your hair.”
“I just cut my hair. It’s dark auburn, two-tone.”
“Do you mind if I ask you some questions about prison sex?”
“No. Go ahead.”

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Anonymous said...

Kats story is tragic for her and her victim.