1st Sept 07

The Royo Romance (16)

Click here for Part 15 A.

From letter to Royo Girl:

Thanks for coming to visit me. I had fun and hope you did too. You brought just the right amount of food. It was delicious.

Again we had good chemistry, but rather than babble on, I’d like to express how you made me feel with a quote from Tolstoy’s love story
Anna Karenina:

“But what struck him like something always new and unexpected was the look in her sweet eyes, her calm and sincere face, and her smile, which transported him to a world of enchantment, where he felt at peace and at rest, as he remembered occasionally feeling in the days of his early childhood.”

It’s uncanny that I just read this quote.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


When the book deal is done, you will have enough to buy Royo a nice ring, have a ceremony and invite all of us blog readers as honorary best men and bridesmaids, have pints flowing at the reception (Guiness, Bass, and Budlight for us Americanos) and then you and Royo girl can retire in a nice granny flat in England making lil' jons and Lil' Royos. Boy this story is going to have a sweet freakin' ending!!! -Jose in San Diego

PS, plese tell us the conclusion of the Kitchen Showdown with Magpie. The suspense is gripping.