13 August 2007

The Royo Romance (15)

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At visitation, I kissed Royo Girl. Dressed in black, her hair in a ponytail, looking terrific.
“Thanks for coming,” I said.
“I went to The Cuisine of India. I’ve bought chaana massala, aloo gobi, garlic naan and rice pilau.”
“Perfect. Take what you want before I start. I skipped breakfast. I’m hungry enough to gnaw on your arms right now.”
“I thought you were a vegetarian. You can save that kind of behaviour for when you get out.”
“With you?”
“We’ll see.”
The food was gone in no time. It hit the spot.
“I’m behind on reading your blog,” she said.
“That’s alright. They’re all about you these days anyway.”
“Oh, but I’ve read those.”
“That’s all that matters, eh?”
“Ah! My own vanity.”
“I know Xena’s your favourite character. There’s quite a few Xena blogs about to be posted.”
“Have you given in yet?”
“What do you mean?”
“You know… with the shemales.” Royo Girl leaned forward, her face animated.
“And I never will! I’m almost out of here!”
“My friend said, ‘I bet you he has.’ ”
“She said you’re sexually deviant and too adventurous.”
“And I think you are too.”
“Are what: sexually deviant and adventurous or going with shemales?”
“Sexually deviant and adventurous.”
“I thought you were on my side.”
“Yes, but I still have to ask.”
“For why?”
“Just to check. You’ve spent a long time in these places.”
“Indeed. And people like Frankie said that after four or five years I’d be so horny and frustrated that I’d break down and start going with cheetos, but, I’m sorry to report, my dear, that it hasn’t happened.”

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Anonymous said...

I think you should at least give Xena a kiss before you go. She is awesome!

Anonymous said...

No Jon! Don't do it dawg. Once you flip, your sure to dip. Hold tight. Laters. -Jose in San Diego

Wozza said...

but tell us Jon, honestly, have you ever been even the slightest bit tempted ?