07 August 07

The Royo Romance (14)

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“If you've got a food visit be ready!”
The announcement provoked a scramble for the showers. My neighbour, Black Nine, legged it
while singing, "I am so very especially gay." Others swapped descriptions of what food they were expecting, and who was bringing it.

At 7:40am: “Food visits, let's go!"

Expecting Royo Girl with Indian food, I skipped breakfast.
As each hour passed, my hunger grew.

At 12:30pm I struggled not to reach for a jar of peanut butter.
There’s two hours left for visits,
I thought. If she went to a restaurant that opened at 11.30, then she should be here some time before one, any time now. Don’t fool yourself. She’s standing you up. At least give her a little more time.

At 12:45 I began pacing the cell.

Shortly after one I was reaching for the saltines when I heard, “Baker 10, turn out for your visit!”

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