15 Aug 2007

The Pimp of England

From Frankie:

Yes, I will be going to England and right now I’m in the process of getting my birth certificate and Social Security number… once I get out I will go to the embassy here. Right now I’ve got my bitch Cuban Boy hooking me up with stuff off the Internet for such a matter. I’m also trying to save money cause the plane ticket costs $800 from here to England. My ERC is May of 2008. My plans are to open up a big house for queers and whores in England. I will make sure they are all well protected. I will put them all to work for Frankie plus they will be enjoying themselves doing what they like best, but instead of giving it away they will be selling it and making Frankie happy. I will take over England with nothing but queers. And they have to be loyal cause I want to make sure that anyone around me ain’t to be disrespected.

Also Englandman, did you decide to come out yet? All this time we could have been having fun. I can’t wait till I run into you again. You’d better keep your booty shaved. I know everything that goes on over there, especially with you. As for
Two Tonys, you know he’s my partner. I’m over here kicking myself in the ass cause I could be having fun with you and I’m missing out. At least I know I’m going to bone you down once I’m out.

Here they don’t even give us enough food. It’s hard to workout cause you get hungry. I’m going to close for now cause I need to write my bitch Cuban Boy and explain to her that I’m in-need. Check and see if any of your friends will help me out. The counsellor is fixing my release date so I’m right behind you.

Much Love,

p.s. I’m falling for my queer. The bitch is hot and nasty just the way I like em.

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Fred said...

Frankie might be better setting up shop in Amsterdam than England.

Anonymous said...

That fool is nuts (no pun intended! lol) -Jose in San Diego.