01 August 07

The Royo Romance (13)

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I wrote to Royo girl:

I just received word that you are coming to the food visit next week. How wonderful you are to consider my needs during this busy time of your life. You rule! I shall never forget your kindness. Knowing you are coming I’ll skip breakfast that day, so that I eat more than last time. Also, now that I work out with Iron Man my appetite is approaching that of a wild beast.

I just finished reading Falling in Love for all of the Right Reasons by Dr. Neil Clark Warren. The book advocated marriage and cited twenty-nine areas couples need to score highly in if they are to sustain a relationship in the long run. We scored so high it was frightening. It was also sad because you’ve made it clear that due to my past you’d never engage in such a relationship with me. More than anyone I’ve dated, you have the characteristics I believe would sustain a relationship.

When we discussed how prison has revirginised me, you hinted at coming to England to rectify the situation. But I suspect someone will sweep you off your feet before I am released. Someone who, like me, sees how loveable you are. You really are such a good person. Whatever happens we will always be friends and I will always have your best interests at heart.

ps The homies have been asking me if you were coming to the food visit. I told them you’d run off with an Australian as you’d grown tired of the British accent. You should have seen their disappointment. You have quite a following!

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