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Jon has had an article published online on the Guardian Weekly Global Network. Click here to
read it.

Many thanks to Mark King, editor.


Anonymous said...

I recently received an email boasting about this sherriff..reading it led me through a maze of research, and I happened upon your blogs.
I have some questions for you.
When do you get out?
What are you going to do?
How do you get to a computer to blog?
This entire thing is an embarrasment to Arizona.
These men will mourn when they reap what they have sewn, causing men to live as dogs.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the publication Jon! Way to go. Hopefully moe will take notice of Joe's exploits.

I wanted to share with others that while jail is jail, reading those conditions again I can say that not all jails are run that way. I have been incarcerated in Jefferson County jail in Colorado (a tad outside of Denver) and here in my hometown of San Diego, and besides the frigid temperatures in the recieving modules, our conditions were nowhere near what those in Sheriff Joe's disciplinary concentration camps. Besides the everyday normal overcrowding and racial reglas (rules), and the food was crappy (but no hairs or animal parts, the coffee and cakes were pretty tasty. And at least for breakfast we got real packaged rice Crispys', real bread and peanut butter, and good juice. Look, I am not here to brag about our jail versus yours, I just want to shed light to those who are unfamiliar with incarceration that the conditions in Arizona/Maricopa County are not within guidelines that specifically provide basic healthcare and concessions to inmates. Those conditions are flat out Nazi/Hitler type conditions, and the man in charge is full of more shit than a backed up toilet. Let me wrap this up before I start getting even more pissed off. Take Care. -Jose in San Diego

Anonymous said...

message to the technicolor person- Jon does not have the internet or a computer, read the blog to find out how it's done