05 August 07

Private Youngblood

“A while back on TV,” Two Tonys said, “they showed a kid from Tucson who had just lost his life. Private Youngblood. I knew him when he was a baby. He was hit by a sniper in Iraq. He’d only been there for twelve days. His death was worth three seconds of TV news. Britney was gettin’ her head shaved around that time, and she’d been on the fuckin’ news all week. Youngblood deserved more than three seconds. It’s a sad reflection of society. Perhaps your blog readers will think about Youngblood for more than three seconds.”

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Anonymous said...

Isn't that the sad truth...RIP to all soldiers. -Jose in San Diego

joannie said...

Indeed-hopefully this generation of Americans will be more appreciative of the sacrifice these young and brave men and women make no matter how they feel about the war.