12 July 07


Cuban Boy wrote:

Frankie is making me strange proposals. He wants me to go out and sell my body for him, to be his whore and get some money for him, so when he is released he will be able to be the man, and show off in nice clothes. He wrote if I were in jail with him, he would make sure I share his cell, and I would have to pay respect to him on the first day. Later on, he would make me wear funny panties, and lease me out to other guys in prison, guarded by one of his goons. Strangely enough, my mind is so twisted, I would do it for him.

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Anonymous said...

perhaps cuban boy should watch his step with the old booty bandit?

Freddie Cruger said...

what's a cuban boy doing in belgium? is that where the scene is?
stay cool

Anonymous said...

Cuban Boy could jump on Frankie with his Cuban heels.