10 July 07

Odds & Ends

I was the laughing stock of inmates on the 4th of July. While they feasted on pancakes and pastries, I stared at a tray containing bread crumbs, twelve lentils, seventeen bran flakes, ten grains of rice, and a small piece of pineapple. Taunts such as, “Ain’t it time you went home on the banana boat you came on,” and “Why don’t you bugger Tony Blair,” could be heard.
Later on, down at Yard 4, Slope, delighted that his plan had worked shouted, “Ya goddam Limey. How’d ya like that tea party?”

I reached a milestone in my short-story career. I received a rejection notice from The New Yorker for my story “Do I Have a Haemorrhoid?” The New Yorker receives over 5000 submissions a month, but it was something I had to get out of my system. Following the rejection, I had a burst of short-story writing. I wrote seven stories in three weeks, all dealing with crime and punishment in Arizona. Heavy on prison violence, rapes, shankings, and gang behaviour. Most of the prison short stories I’ve read were not written by prisoners, so I’m hoping to present a more realistic picture. The stories are based on true characters and events. I sent one of them "Amazing Grace" to Francis Ford Coppola’s magazine Zoetrope All-Story to be entered in a competition judged by Joyce Carol Oates.

The next food visit is on the 18th of August. I received a menu for the New Delhi Palace Cuisine of India from Royo Girl. So it looks like she will be visiting soon. For reasons nothing to do with me, Royo Girl expects to be moving to England for a period of time at the beginning of 2008, and she has agreed that we should meet and hang out.

Thank you to everyone who has sent books from my wish list with Amazon. Not only have you helped me pass the hours, you’ve helped fill the library here, which doesn’t receive many books at all.

Good lookin’ out, dawgs!

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Anonymous said...


Great to see you in high spirits! Not a coincidence that Royo girl is moving to England? Come on now homeboy!! Read in between the lines! That is clearly a calculated move on her part. "Here comes the baby in the baby carriage!" Isn't that how the nursery rhyme pans out? lol. Just poking fun at you dog.

On another note, who is censoring you not being able to post more descriptive accounts of life in La Carce (spanish for incaceration)?

I have thought about starting my own account of what I witnessed first hand, but I am almost done with my parole and in the life I use to live you are wither still part of it or above it. I am past all that and plus to hop on the bandwgon of "I did time" stories is just too damn played out. In addition, no one can damn near compare to your blog. It is untouchable. Can't wait for the book... -Jose in San Diego

Alex D said...

who has asked that you not post anything related to violence, rape, shankings on your blog?

Anonymous said...

yea who saya you canttalk about the gangs and stuff.hopefully not the pigs and guarrds.