13 June 07

Bon Voyage Balls (Part 3)

I asked Gina why he cut off his testes.
“Ovaries – I like to call them. I cut off my ovaries to feminize myself. Testosterone is the secondary sex hormone responsible for the production and maintenance of pubescent male characteristics such as body hair, having a deep voice, and the major contributing factor to male pattern baldness.”
“Are you happy with the results?”
“Yes. Since removing my ovaries – or, as my beloved puts it, my underies – my voice has softened, my skin is softer and less...much less oily, even the large spider-like veins in my arms became one hundred percent unnoticeable. Plus I’m not subject to getting colon cancer, and I won’t develop DHT, which can cause baldness.”
“So how does it feel to be in a men’s prison with no balls?”
“Being in a blokes’ prison without Lenny and Squiggy is a plus. I am a woman. My orchiectomy sets me apart from the error nature made, and moves me closer to the woman I am within.”
“Are you doing much time?”
“I was sentenced in 1990, and I have eighteen years to serve before I’m eligible for parole. In a nutshell, I have twenty years at the earliest before I can get a doctor to lob off the remaining burden.”
“What! You are serving almost forty years!”
“Yes. My crimes were related to my sex-change goal. I wanted the operation now-now-now!”
“Perhaps you’d care to run that story down for me sometime.”
“I’ll think about it.”
“I’m sure my blog readers would love to hear it. What are your plans for when you finally get out?”
“I want to have breast augmentation. I can reach a B-cup, and I look hot when I jack my stuff up a cup higher – especially with my little waist. I plan to have rhinoplasty, teeth-whitening procedures, and then to move to England. It must be London. I love rain and fog. It’s so sexy to be in a field of tall grass with someone you love, inconspicuous to others. As for the fog, it’s the same scene as being in tall grass in the rain, but when the fog lifts…yes! England and a soul mate are my obsession. By the way: you’re the first English accent I’ve heard face-to-face.”
“Really. And you’re the closest to an attractive woman I’ve seen in the prison system. Perhaps we can continue these sessions outside the prison walls some day.”
“Maybe in old London town…when the fog's out, eh?"

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Anonymous said...

Be careful Jon, I sense you may be getting tempted by the lovely Gina.

Anonymous said...

go for it homeboy!!!

Anonymous said...


Be very careful with that one homie. I would rather you pursue Royo Girl than a tranny. Don't flip-flop now, your almost home-free. That is unless, the whole intention was all tongue n' cheek (no pun intended) :) -Jose in SD.

Don said...

First Frankie and now Gina wants to follow you to the UK... who's next???

Anonymous said...

Weirder and weirder. Are you making it all up?