23 June 07

The Royo Romance (9)

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Royo Girl wrote saying she wouldn’t be visiting for a while. I wrote back:

Thanks for the letter. I will immediately cease grooming myself on the weekends on the off-chance of enjoying your company – unless you tell me you are resuming visiting.
It’s great that someone has sparked your interest. I hope you find the happiness you deserve.
Rereading the blog "What Royo Girl and Some Sexy Others
Wrote" I couldn’t help smiling as I was reminded of the fun we had. Now you aren’t coming, I'm reminded of how much I enjoyed your visits. I treasure the letters you wrote because they captured an emotional state that refelected my own. I don’t want you to feel bad for not visiting. If you do, just remind yourself that you provided me with some of the best moments of this incarceration – memories and feelings that nobody can take away.

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Anonymous said...

Has she got someone else???