17 June 07

From Frankie


What’s up my friend? I know it’s been a while but you’re not forgotten. I hope my letter finds you in the best of whatever. As for me, I’m still here, you know! Slow motion.

Anyway, let me get something straight with you. As you know you had lots of opportunities to get some weenie off me but you were playing the part like you didn’t mess around, and now that I’m gone I know you’re hot for me. My bitch [Cuban Boy] thinks you’re over there smoking weenie. So I’ve got a plan for your hairy ass. As you know, I’ll be getting out right behind you. Well, my queer is going to need some booty action, and since you’re new at this I’m thinking of letting him break you in, so you’re ready for me. That way you’ll be able to take it like a champ when the time comes. And believe me, it’s coming. You’re only a passport away, Englandman. I don’t want to hear you say No! No! No! This is
Frankie’s world and I’m taking over.

If all goes right I should be back on Yard 4 before you leave, so keep your fingers crossed and your booty shaved.

Well my friend, take care and forget me not.
Tell your Mom and family that I send my love and regards,
Remember: I’ll dee-cide!
Much love and respect,


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good to know that Frankie's still on the scene. Let Frankie dee-cide!
Jayne UK