16 June 07

Two Tonys is in the Hole

In an attempt to reduce the rate at which cellmates have been murdering each other, the prison has introduced a new policy directing cellmates to be housed on the basis of "like crimes." The implementation of this policy led to Two Tonys being housed with an inmate classified as a mass murderer. The move didn't work out, and Two Tonys is now in the hole.

Two Tonys wrote to my parents:

How’s things going? Maybe you know by now I’m taking a little time out. It’s no big deal. I can probably use it. I haven’t been to court [to see the DHO (Disciplinary Hearing Officer) ] yet but I’ll get word to you as soon as I know something. I’m relaxing and into thought ‘mostly good’. I’m going to read some Tom Wolfe tonight, and do a little Biblical research for some questions Jon wants to blog. Give a shout out to the blog readers from Arizona’s hole. To the bloody birds and blokes in England: stay safe, and Empire forever. Stay happy and strong across the pond. I shall soon rise up out of here (this ain’t no thang but a chicken wang).


Two Tonys

Two Tonys intends to write some blogs and mail them to my parents. We hope to hear from him soon.

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Don said...

Give Two Tonys a shout out from us here In KC.

TN said...

And from the Worcesterfari in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony keep your chin up!!
From your Phoencian reader in AZ.


Look forward to some future blogs from TT.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope Two T's hasn't got it comin'

Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

Add a shout from across the fruited plain in Northeast PA-take care, TT!