02 July 07

The Eve of Max’s Freedom

“How does it feel to be getting out tomorrow?” I asked Max.
“After eight years and eight months of prison, it feels surreal, like it’s not really happening. I’ve done half my teens and half my twenties in here.”
“Are you excited?”
“Yeah. I’m excited to start living again. I see so many people worried about getting out. What is there to worry about?”
“Not having friends, family, or money.”
“Even if you didn’t, getting out homeless is better than being in this place. I’d feel more comfortable sleeping in a cardboard box at a bus stop than being in here – ain’t nobody to tell you when to eat sleep, and shit.”
“Where will you live?”
“With my mom in Las Vegas. She’s gotta guest house behind her house. I’ll be there for a quick minute.”
“Las Vegas is a wild city. How will you stay out of trouble?”
“I think I can handle being at parties without engaging in illegal activity.”
“So you’re going to be strong minded?”
“Unless it involves debauchery or sodomy. I might overstep those boundaries. I think I deserve that though, dude. I went through puberty in here. The kind of stuff I’m thinking about is: what’s it gonna be like talking to a twenty-five-year-old woman? Will they look at me like I’m smart or stupid? Will I be able to carry on a conversation? I should probably go out and get laid before I go to a pole-dancing joint. Otherwise, I’ll probably fall in love with the first dancer I see: ‘Oh my God, I’ve got fifteen grand in my pocket. I love you. Will you marry me?’ I’m gonna whore around. I’ve earned that.”
“Will you be going places like the Spearmint Rhino or the Green Door up there in Vegas?”
“The Green Door…if I work up the nerve. Actually, you know what, dude, I’m gonna go.”
“What stuff can you do for fun away from the club scene?”
“Skydiving, kayaking, riding the wave runner.”
“What food do you want to eat the most?”
Adobo. A Filipino dish. Chicken, beef, pork, simmered in soy sauce and vinegar until it melts in your mouth. It’s got bay leaves, peppers, and garlic in it. But as soon as I get to the store, I’m gonna get sunflower seeds, chocolate milk, and a pint of ice cream.”
“I hope you use some of that Indian casino money to further your education.”
“I will, but I’ll probably blow some of it. I need a car and a wardrobe. Mom’s already got me a Kenneth Cole watch, a pair of wraparound Oakley sunglasses, a Nokia cell phone which is also a camera, and a wallet. But I don’t want a wallet, I want a fly-ass money clip.”
“Do you have street clothes already here at the prison?”
“Yeah. Old Navy cargo shorts. A Ralph Lauren shirt with a flower design. A pair of Vans. I got little ankle socks 'cause I got nice legs.”
“Are you coming back to prison? You’re not gonna do a Piggie are you? He’s back for the second time this year.”
“Only if my brother goes to prison. I’ll visit him.”
“I wish you luck, and hope you stay in touch.”
“I’ll be commenting on your blog when I get out.”
“And no more car jacking or scalping people – alright?”
Max laughed, and said, “I’ll try not to.”

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Copyright © 2006-2007 Shaun P. Attwood


Anonymous said...

Good luck Max,

Best wishes and be most careful with your new found freedom. I was wild as well when I first got out, and I found myself back in for a 45 day stint. After that, I got my act together, went to Community College, and finished school and got a postion as an Outreach coordinator with a Non-Residential Recovery Organization. I hope you take into account how easy it is to go back. Stay away from the old ways and stay away from the partying is my only advice. I am not going to school you, as you are your own man. Enjoy a beer and the TV and it keeps you out of more trouble than the Club. Find you a nice girl as well. Take care Max. -jose in San Diego.

Alex D said...

I hate to be so negative, but he'll be back soon enough, I guarantee it. He doesn't have any real plan to make it, he's young and full of piss, his only thoughts are of acquiring all the trappings of a "pimp" lifestyle rather than setting up the legitimate means to earn a life, and worst of all he's got enough money to kickstart him on his next brief episode of misadventure on the outside.

He'll be back very soon, I'd bet my life on it.

Don said...

Good luck Max.