11 June 07

The Royo Romance (8)

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Response to Royo Girl’s latest letter:

I appreciate you venturing to Gandhi’s to bring me food. A person in my position is lucky to get any outside food at all. You mentioned a next time, so I’m assuming we have a date soon.

That you tell me more than anyone else means a lot to me. I didn’t mean to baffle you or to make you feel that I lack an appreciation of your straightforwardness. You sharing with me the things in your heart means a lot to me. But I still think you are holding some things back. I may sound demanding, but it’s because I am set on getting to know you better. You carefully considering what you say to me is flattering. The way you scrutinise your thoughts suggests a sharp mind. When we talk I feel an intense chemistry – something that keeps me interested in you.

I’m going to skip reminding you of your beauty. I will mention this though: while reading The Economist I came across a quote from Shelly Lazarus of the ad company Ogilvy & Mather: “Only 2% of women in the world think they are beautiful”. There’s no prize for guessing whose face I envisioned.

Royo Girl, I have no clue where, if anywhere, our relationship is heading. Forces continue to keep our friendship growing against significant odds. I hope you are enjoying our friendship as much as I am.

Lovingly yours, Jon

PS) Your letter smells great! I shall keep it near the head of my mattress in the hope I dream of you.

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You're in for hearbreak!