21 Sept 2007

The Double Murderer – Final instalment

Magpie continued to talk big to people on the yard about how he was going to "smash" me, but he never came to my cell or “called me out.” I was told not to go to his cell because of the cameras and because it would make me look like the aggressor. Sick of Magpie boasting but doing nothing about it, some heavyweights on the yard told him: “Handle your business or go and squash it.”

“England, we need to talk,” Magpie said, entering my cell.
“What’s up?” I said.
“Look, man, I didn’t mean anything running my mouth the other day. I’m like that with everyone.”
I just looked at him.
“Look, England, I like you. That’s why I clowned you. I know it made you mad, so I apologise.” Magpie held out his hand.
Wary of a sucker punch, I approached him sideways, and shook his hand. “Alright, I accept your apology,” I said. “But you’ve got to realise, because you shanked two prisoners to death, when you’re clowning or threatening someone like me, people wonder what you’re gonna do next. You’ve got a reputation.”
“But that was years ago. I came in the system a youngster, a short-timer. Back then killin’ them dudes was something I had to do. Now I’m almost gettin’ out. I don’t wanna cop no more time.”
“I know you’ve been down a long time. Are you gonna make it out there, man?”
“How am I gonna make it? I’m a junkie. Someone from parole came to see me and they told me I’m institutionalised. I’ve got money - my father owned a business. But I’m a junkie, man. What am I gonna do?” His look suggested he was hoping I would say something helpful.
Suddenly, my ill will toward him died, and I tried to imagine how three decades of prison had affected him. How sad it was that he felt he was getting released only to come right back. “You’ve just gotta try to stay off the shit, Magpie.”
“I’ve been doing heroin my whole life.”
“It’s gonna be hard, but try to find other things to do. Travel the country. Go all the places you’ve always wanted to see.”
“If I come to England will you show me around? I’m serious. I’ve got the money.”
“If you get round to it, you can find me online.”

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Anonymous said...

The situation was a test where you had to FACE THE FEAR. Whenever you look fear in the eye, and conquer it, it fades away. That is it's purpose.

You feel it in the solar plexus, but it is conquered in the third eye.

Keep up the good work.

No doubt further tests will occur.

Keeping an eye on you.


Anonymous said...

Be careful Jon,

I wouldn't jump right in feeling "buddy" with this guy. You need to keep your guard up. He could be baiting you. -Jose in San Diego.

joannie said...

Amazing! The scriptures caution in dealing with people to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. You were wise to protect yourself and wise to gently confront this person without aggressive intent. I simply see over and over that your even temper, integrity and right heart in dealing with people wins their trust.