23 Sept 07

I’m A Teacher

I’m a teacher now. In August I chanced upon one of the most coveted jobs on the yard. It entails helping prisoners study for their GED exams. As there is no air-conditioned room to hold a class in, I do house calls. I spent the morning helping Too Tall change percents to fractions and divide fractions by fractions. Teaching him gave me a feeling of well-being. The opportunity to influence some prisoners’ lives in my own small way is appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

Shaun, Jon-

I know this sounds trite but I am going to miss your prison blog so much! Having someone in there down in Tucson, it helps me feel closer to them as I can get an idea of what is going on from you. Besides, you are a fantastic writer!!! That I will miss the most; I will miss you. When I read your blogs I get inspired, truly. You can and will do so much good for yourself when you are free and I pray to whatever powers that may be that you are reminded of your worth and keep yourself clean (free), safe and happy. Life is too short man, live it to its fullest-not is prison-ya know?!!! Eyes wide open, take it all in, feel it all and live for you. You have so much more going for you than people that have been on the outside all this time-think of that and smile. All of us who have read your blog have been touched by you and for that I am thankful-really. It is wonderful that you have been able to take all this and make it positive for yourself. I am without any doubt sure that you will be terribly missed by those guys down there-awkward as that is. I have told my children of you because I don't see a criminal-I see one of my boys making a mistake and getting in way to far over their heads. I want them to see and know what happens and how to overcome it all so impressive as you have. When ever you hear the song "Move along" by the American Rejects I want you to think of me, actually, I want you think of you and keep going, you'll make it and you'll make it so well! To coin a phase from a card I read the other day: Wishing you all the courage, all the beauty, all the happiness life can hold. Best of luck on your release! :)