22 Oct 08

From Frankie (Letter 10)

Frankie - A Mexican Mafia hitman and leader of prison "booty bandits" who has been proposing our gay marriage ever since he saw me rubbing antifungal ointment on my bedsored buttocks at the Madison Street jail. He was there on murder charges he subsequently beat. Now incarcerated in the super-maximum prison housing Arizona's death row.

Sept 28 2008


How are you doing? I hope in the best of whatever you wish and all of that good stuff…

As for me, I’ve been back here from Pima County jail since Sept 17 and everything in court went alright. They gave me an additional sentence of 4 ½ years with 387 days back time. Take nine months from that because I only have to serve 85%, which leaves me a little over 2 ½ years to serve. Thank God! I thought I was finished when they told me I was facing 40 years, and that I’d die here in prison. It’s over and it’s about me not messing about no more.

By the way, have you heard from Noelle and did you send her them cards? It’s been a couple of months since I heard from her. Oh well!

Guess what? I got my lawyer putting pressure on D.O.C. [Department Of Corrections] cuz these people don’t want to let me go back to a regular yard. I shouldn’t even be in super max.

Well, my friend, get back at me and don’t forget that Xmas is coming so save a little money so that you can help me out cuz I do want to order Xmas food.

Also, I have an Englandman next door to me. His name is Goff.

Well, I’m going to close for now. Take care and as always give my best to your Mom, Dad and Sister.

Much Love & Respect

You know!

Mr. Frankie

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Shaun P. Attwood


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from Frankie. It seems he is genuine in changing his ways. Only time will tell. By the way Jon, are you close to Wembley Stadium? Of course my Chargers of San Diego are playing over there this weekend. Lot's of press of old England showing up on our local news. Sorry I couldn't make it, but if you see a handful of Charger fans let them know Jose in San Diego said it is in their best interest to drink lots of Stella and watch out for Hammy!

-Jose in San Diego

JM said...

good to see frankie is ok, started wondering.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever encountered any Scotsmen behind bars?