11 Oct 08

The Royo Romance (Part 25)

Royo Girl - An intelligent and attractive criminology graduate who used to visit me in prison. Whether her interest is based on love or she is writing a thesis on my criminality is an open question. She's flying from Tucson to visit me for my birthday week in October.
Click here for Part 24.

From yesterday’s phone conversation with Royo Girl:

“You caused quite a stir in the comments section last week,” I said.
“I’m just glad none of your readers made cutting remarks,” Royo Girl said, “like some of them have in the past.”
“I think it’s a love-hate relationship.”
“Yes, depending upon the angle you put on me.”
“And what angle would you like?”
“Are you getting sexual, Shaun?”
“Oh God no, that just came out funny. Your comment last week about us not leaving the hotel room must be on my mind.”
“I’m gonna make you leave the hotel room with me! It’ll be nice to walk around London with you.”
“Which parts of London do you fancy us walking around?” I asked.
“Central London. By Tower Bridge. Millennium Bridge. The River Thames. I want you to untaint my view about London.”
“I was down there last week. I really want to move down there. There’s such a great atmosphere. Perhaps you should do your master’s degree down there.”
“I’m gonna do my master’s in Australia.”
“In what?”
“You still want to be an FBI agent like Clarice Starling?”
“I want to do analytical research involving crime syndicates.”
“Oh boy!”
“I’d be investigating people like you.”
“Arresting people like me!” I said. “Bring some handcuffs and we can practice.”
“You’re so naughty, Shaun.”
“What uni in Australia will you go?”
“Melbourne. I have the application and I’ve contacted an old professor for a reference.”
“Are you still finding the Australian accent sexier than the British?”
“Oh yeah,” Royo Girl said slowly, as if under the influence of an Australian accent.
“Oh yeah! Where does that leave me?”
“I like you as a person, Shaun, so the British accent is a mute point. Although it is better than the American accent.”
“So I’m still in the running then?”
“Say I fall madly in love with you when you come to England and I want to run off to Australia with you?”
“Then we’ll make lots of little Shauns.”
I giggled. “Are you broody?”
“Just the other week my friend had a baby.”
“How did that make you feel?”
“I know I’m not ready, but I do want one.”
“Won’t that affect this power career in criminology you’ve got planned?”
“I can do both. Especially if I have a good husband.”

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Shaun P. Attwood


Anonymous said...

youre in for it man


zqwerty said...

Stay away from this woman, I recognize the type, she is a user, kick her to the curb and get on with your life. There's plenty of fish in the sea, get away from this cock teasing bitch.

Anonymous said...

*Ouch* Sounds like the guy above has been burned one too many times.

Hey look you can say what you want about her and what you believe her motives are but that chick did something that "ALOT" of inmates don't get while incarcerated; VISTIS! That chick has my respect.

If you've never visited a loved one incarcerated or been incarcerated with having visits than you have no idea what it can do for someone.

I would like to believe that Shaun knows what time it is with her but has this bond that none of us can break.

So ZQWERTY go on and act elementary as you seem good at it but she's better than that.

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life; it goes on. I wish you both a great time and whatever happens, happens. Either way it'll make for good reading.

Jessica Lynn

"If the world ended today, would you be at peace with the amount of love you shared?"

Anonymous said...

Has Royo girl ever been to Melbourne?

The weather is pretty different to Arizona.

Anonymous said...

Dear readers,

It has been some time since I have directly corresponded on the blog. After reading the last couple of blogs and the comments that have arisen from them, I feel compelled to do so.

I am curious as to why anyone would feel the need to make such nasty remarks about me. I have never done anything negative towards Shaun. In fact, I was there for him when nobody else was. I have always been a good friend to Shaun and always will be. I have never promised that we would fall in love and get married, but there is definitely a great chemistry between him and I. We have a solid friendship and I can't wait to see him as it has been a year since I last saw him in the deportation visiting rooms.

Our relationship and history together is complicated. Don't let Shaun fool you as his portrayal of himself as an innocent in the dialogue between us. He is very provocative and devious by nature, which is part of what I love about him.

I can't wait to come out to London and see what will happen during the visit. However, I am just excited to spend time with Shaun and see him as a free man, again.

A special thank you to Jessica Lynn for coming to my defense. I hope you all continue to enjoy the story of Royo Girl and Shaun as the story unfolds!!!


Royo Girl

zqwerty said...

That is B.S. Royo Girl you were conducting some sort of research for your University project, Shaun started off as just another jail-bird but then you realized you could be 'famous' and so you started playing him, you ain't fooling me.

You're cock-teasing for a reason but it isn't to F. him.

Anonymous said...

Christ, whatever. Have fun if you can.

Think about yourself too, but get laid if you can.

Been waiting long enough.

Anonymous said...


Leave Royo Girl alone. Do you actually know Shaun, and do you actually know anything about their relationship?
No, neither do I. BUT, I do believe that there's more to it than what Shaun posts, he doesn't post every aspect of his life and he doesn't post every time he takes a dump.
So cock off, you misogynist twat.

Royo Girl - I hope you have a great time in England, and both of you have fun. I hope Shaun posts about your trip!

Chris H said...


I hate to say this cos you know I love you Shaun, but.....

Why haven't YOU come to the defence of Royo Girl?

Not that I mean to drop you in it mate, but - DAMN!

Hugs and kisses,

Chris H

Jon said...


It's like Jessica Lynn pointed out: Royo Girl was there for me during my incarceration. Her letters and visits helped raise my spirits in such a gloomy environment. Visiting prisoners is a lot of hassle, and she even went out of her way to bring me Indian food. She's already proved her true colours.

Shaun Attwood

Anonymous said...

There is an element of Hammy in this posting....
Getting women to come after you around the world !!

haha love it


JM said...

hmmmm, im torn on this one.It would appear that she is using shaun as a stepping stone for career.I dont feel you should stay away from her tho shaun. I would say do as she does and get what you need out of the relationship, if there is nothing viable that would interest you, then i would kick her to the curb. yes she did come visit you, but she had motives for this, motives that allowed her to put up with the hassle of the dept of corrections visiting .

SHe sounds like she flirts and doesnt rule out sex, but at the same times shes leaving a way out by being non-commital. In my years of behavioral studies , this is clearly manipulation and not right. it becomes all to clear when you look at the big picture,her driving force, her future plans and responses to accusations.
I would say just get what you want out of it shaun and dont get hung up on her, you are a strong person before you met her , and will continue be long after she is gone.

Chris H said...

Big Dawg!

That's what I wanted to hear mate! Defending the lovely girl!

Hope you 2 have fun!

Hugs and kisses,

Chris H

zqwerty said...

Shaun, sorry, but you are dreaming, woman do things for their own reasons, they are playing their own game, sometimes those interests coincide with ours and for a while there are happy times, self interest is rational, don't be fooled she has ulterior motives.

She is basking in your reflected glory at the very least, I know you are grateful for her attention and it is good to talk to pretty women but that is what they always play on, wake up man.

Jon said...


I appreciate your concern for me. You are probably right: RG has her own motivations. But from my selfish perspective, I get to take a week off writing and enjoy the company of a beautiful crimonologist. I don't see much downside to that.
Also, I'll try and put some of these comments to her on the next phone call, and blog her responses.

Shaun Attwood

Regenbluemchen said...

I am glad. Now you have me.