Top Ten Funny Prison Tattoos I’ve Seen (by Polish Avenger)

Polish Avenger - A software-engineering undergraduate sentenced to 25 years because his friend was shot dead during a burglary they were both committing. Author of the classic "Shit Slinger" series.

These all really exist – people put some strange things on themselves.

10) “F**** YOU” right across the knuckles of both hands. Hmm, what are you trying to say?

9) “F*** WHAT YOU THINK” in Old English letters across the neckline.

8) “F*** THE POLICE” on the back of the neck. This may affect one’s employment opportunities!

7) Barbed wire, gun towers, and chain-link fences. What, we don’t have enough to remember prison by already?

6) A person’s last name in huge letters across the back. Makes it hard to run from the police!

5) The telephone area code where you live. Did you forget?

4) The traditional hometown across the extremely tender strip above your belly button. The guy from Ohio gets off easy. God help the one from Massachusetts!

3) Spider webs – but not on the elbows like most cons. Nope, these were on the guy’s balls. Now that’s dedication!

2) An explicit scene from a porno book. Including a giant wiener. Seriously.

1) Anything misspelled. The very best was one guy with “F*** AUTHORITY” across his back in 2-inch lettering, and “F***” was spelled wrong! Ha ha ha!

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Shaun Attwood


leigh said...

a CO has JESUS on one forearm and SAVES in gigantic old english letters on the other so that elbows down it can be properly read. i think it may be worse (aside from the message involved) than the neo nazi guy with the montage d'hate on his head.

Anonymous said...

I used to know a young gentleman who, having been in a part-time professional band, decided to get the name of the band tattooed in an arc above his navel. The band broke up not long afterwards. I kind of feel sorry for the dude, because he was a basically decent human being who ought not be punished for his optimism.

The funny part was the name of the band: "Influence". The poor guy has most likely spent the rest of his life trying to get women "under the Influence". So it became a cool tattoo after all, and I was kind of happy for him.

Anonymous said...

I worked with a guy who had a noose around his neck and the rope going down his back. He had just gotten out and done 25 years for Attempted Murder and 8 counts of assualt on a police officer. He was 17 at the time so he wasn't a bad guy when I met him. He was early 40's at that point.