Words to Live By (by Rocky)

Rocky has just under a year left to serve at Safford, Arizona. He was sentenced for two separate cases: burglary and aggravated assault.

Last September we were out on a 4 yard for our 2 hours rec. The yard had been live for days because there was a lot of black [heroin] and almost everyone had been high for three days or so. 4 yards are dangerous anyway because they house the next highest classification inmates below 5. But it seemed to be really on edge that day.

Pokey, Taz and I were just sitting around shooting the shit. We were commenting on the thickness of the air on the yard. The dope debts were heavy at the time, which caused a lot of tension between the races.

Taz spotted a Native American walking into the gym with the straight end of a shovel sticking out by his boot and the handle rising up the pants’ leg. We knew it was about to get real live. We were working our way to the entrance of the gym, about 10 foot from the door, when three guys came out, all natives. They walked by us like they were on their way out of a burning building.

Taz pushed the door open and stepped into the gym as the door closed behind him. We stayed outside the door to keep point.
No sooner did the door close behind him, I heard “Motherfucker! Motherfucker!” at the top of the lungs.

I pushed the door open to see Taz flipping and flopping, sliding around, trying to get to his feet in the biggest pool of blood I have ever seen to date. Next to him was the headless body of a Mexican in the middle of the pool of blood with his head about 10 feet away, eyes open, mouth open, and staring straight at me with an expression on his face of terror.

The three Native Americans had held this guy down and chopped off his head with the shovel. You could see the hack marks on the chest and what was left of the neck.

I turned to help Taz get up, and got pulled down into the bloody mess.
Just then a C.O. busted through the door, and said, “Spread-fuckin’-eagle on the floor now!”
I couldn’t have ran if I wanted to. It was like being in baby oil on hard wood.

They cuffed us up, and took us to SMU1 where we sat under investigation for murder for 7 months. They saw the whole thing on camera, but tried for 7 months to tie us into it. We were finally cleared.

Now if a guy gets stabbed to death in front of me in the chow line, I know to just step over the body and go eat real fast because there will be lockdown coming for sure. Now I don’t see anything, hear anything, or say anything. These are words to live by in prison.

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Shaun P. Attwood


Anonymous said...

that's insane!

and in America of all places!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow. That was a rough one to read. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering why did they go into the gym at all? Its just that the prisons and politics I come from, it was stay out of it and mind your own. Was it a race issue or were they just nosey? Did they know the guy? The post had some to be desired. As a Southsider, you didn't stray or dip your tip in anyone elses affairs unless they were orders given, because getting the blame put on you (as was the case) is something that happens far too easily. I have had a couple of homeboys get chin checks for just opening their mouths on affairs that had nothing to do with them, let alone go see what is happening. In the prisons I came from, you turn a blind eye and head in the OPPOSITE direction of a situation that doesn't involve you. No disrespect, but similiar to a previous post, there are some details left to be desired. Thank you and we look forward to a Double T, T-Bone, Xena update. We haven't heard from a few regulars Jon. What happened to Kat? What about that one Blood from SSP? And Is Tony's still alive? We would welcome an update. Thank you and take care. -Jose in San Diego.

Chris H said...

Yeah Shaun!!!

What the hell's wrong with you? Don't introduce new and exciting characters, for the love of God!

Incase you didn't notice, that was sarchasm.

If there was some news for Shaun to tell us, or that he felt he COULD tell us - he would. I don't think Shaun would keep something like TT's death from us, unless asked to do so by family members, etc..

I'm just grateful for updates at all buddy. I love your blog, always have and always will. I think this was a good reminder of what goes on in prison in the US - and elsewhere too, I'm sure - and enjoyed the entry (I was a bit disturbed that I wasn't at all phased by the murder at all and only that Rocky might be unfairly implicated).

Saying that, do you know/can you find out why the guy was murdered in the 1st place?

Also, I do agree with Diego that if that were me, I would have stayed WELL away. Obviously something bad was gonna happen and I wouldn't want anything to do with it. I haven't been in prison (thankfully) and even I know that going into the gym was a bad idea - I think a little common sense would go a long way in prison...

So, to recap:

1. Diego - Chill! Shaun will update what he wants, when he wants. I'm sure he'll give us info on all out favourites when he can/when he has something to update.

2. Shaun - Can you get some more details as to why the poor dude got beheaded?

3. Shaun - Post some common sense to all your prison buddies - they need it deperately.


Only playing mate - you know I love you!

Hugs and kisses

Chris H


Anonymous said...


As always, I play the respect card first. I appreciate your feedback, but please don't personalize anything that I put on here. I am fully aware of how full Shaun's plate is and how busy he has his affairs. I am not pressing or badgering him to hit us off with information to the point where it is becoming tiring. I am not one to have someone throw my name name out there because they don't agree with my comment. Don't come at me like that. Shaun knows from contacting first hand what I am really about and where I am really at. So keep that sarcasm to yourself. If you feel the need to respond on a different level just advise me and we can can correspond in person or in another form of dialogue.

Unless you have been arrested, taken to the tank, celled up, arraigned, offered a deal, waited out your time and handled yourself in one of the worse prison systems in America, then please poke the fun stick in another direction. Walk a minute in my shoes then come with that "Chill" talk.

Don't take me lightly and refrain from sarcastic mockery.
Everyone on here has the right to ask questions in respectful manner without someone else shrugging their shoulders and whining about what they beleive should be addressed and what shouldn't. In this part of cyberspace, Shaun dictates what is posted, keep that in mind. Thank you. -Jose in San Diego.

Chris H said...


You really do need to relax! If what I've said has upset you then I would normally apologise because it was intended as light hearted fun. However, your retort seems on the verge of being a threat and as such I won't be apologising.

If you REALLY can't take a little sarchasm and poking with the 'fun stick' then I will remember that for the future.

I will say that, incase you thought I was trying to be DELIBERATELY offensive calling you Diego, I wasn't. I just always thought your name was Diego as it's always the last line on your post. That's my mistake for never reading your comments correctly and for THAT, I will appologise - so I'm sorry.

Also, when you say that "Shaun dictates what is posted, keep that in mind", what are you trying to say? Obviously Shaun can (and has in the past) chosen not to post my comments, but are you suggesting that by poking fun at you, Shaun will cut me off? Or that I shouldn't disagree with you because he chose to post your comment?

I don't believe that either of those can be true because Shaun has often posted comments that he disagrees with and then commented on them afterwards if he so chooses. If you could clarify that comment, I'd be grateful.

I'm a firm believer in the freedom of speach as I believe you and Shaun are, so I agree that you had the right to your post but that I equally had the right to mine.

My real point is, why are you being so defensive? If you think that by disagreeing with you that I was in some way calling you out, that's crazy. I can't believe that someone who has spent time in "one of the worse prison systems in America" could be so easily offended.

I look forward to your response - if Shaun decides to post my potentially traumatising comment!

Chris H

Jon said...


It breaks my heart to see two of my longest standing blogosphere friends and most regular commenters falling out like this. Let's stay united, we have opposing groups out there that we need to stay united for.

Regarding our friends inside. I've written to T-Bone, Xena, and Two Tonys multple times, but no responses have been forthcoming. I got this from Two Tonys daughter about a month ago:

I spoke with Two Tonys the other day. He seems to be alright. ( at least that's what he says). He mentioned that he recieved a letter from you, but has not had the energy to write back.

The nature of this blog is such that we're going to see new writers blended in so the blog can keep going. Plus, it's also interesting to get the viewpoints of different prisoners. Look how strong a writer Warrior has proven to be.

Regarding Rocky, he is a partner on a prison yard of one of my old cellmates back at the Madison Street jail in 2003. My old cellmate is one of the main characters, Joe, in my book, Green Bologna and Pink Boxers. Joe has referred Rocky to me, and Joe's credibility is 100%. I've written to Rocky asking him to write about his charges, so I'm hoping for a response soon.

I do have some material from Bones the Blood that just needs typing up.

In solidarity!

Shaun Attwood

Anonymous said...


I have shared my comments on experiences on this blog for the better part of the last few years without engaging in any nonsense with any other fellow blogger. Check the history on previous posts. However, my only issue that I brought to light was YOU bringing up my post to the front and speaking on it. I didn't comment on your post and I read everyone's comments without juvenile criticism. I was surprised that you even mentioned my post and took aim at it. I am not offended, but take a look at your opening statement and see that you came a bit off edge.

I come from a place of live and let be, and simply just don't ruffle anyones feathers. As the saying goes, water under the bridge. No conflict. I just handle even the slightest of slap schtick in a no-nonsense manner, to the point, to settle the matter as quickly as possible.

In response to the "Shaun dictates" comment, what I tried to convey wasn't in regards to censorship or favoritism to what is posted or to solicit that he block your posts. I simply was bringing up the point that this is Shauns blog, and regardless of what any of us would like to see up, he is ultimately the one who makes the decision. Nothing more to it.

Oh, and I am definitely relaxed. One of the things I still have in me from my time in prison is to never lose focus or control or to lose your temper. It is a weakness. So as I type, I sip a cup of tea with a slight grin and soothing sun on my back. All good.

However, the offer to come see who I am definitely still stands if youre ever in Southern California. Not for physical confrontation, but for you to genuinely see my police reports, prison pictures, and the dark scarred underbelly of America's Finest City that is kept shoved in pockets out of the tourists view. I'll take you on a tour of the heavily armed and guarded neighborhood where I come from. You can get my email address from Shaun if you so desire.

You have good points Chris and I enjoy your comments. But if this had been tension escalating in real life remember that I was just minding my own business when you came along and started it with the first shot. Just a metaphor, even though it was a terrible one. Thanks and I hope we can bury this mutual disagreement and misunderstanding. Best wishes.

And now to you, Shaun. Thank you for the updates on the old crew. I do appreciate the new bloggers, but I was hoping the voices of the ones from pages past were not forgotten. Thank you. -Jose in San Diego.

Anonymous said...

First of all, to hear Rocky's stories, is like listening to all lies! There was never a man that had his head chopped off by a shovel. If you are assigned to be on a level 4 yard, shovels are not just issued without constant supervision. If you look up the AZ DOC page on the internet, you would find out that "Rocky," has never even been assigned to SMU 1 for any reason. Can you guess how I have all this information?

Anonymous said...

This comment is about "Rocky's" stories. They are all lies! There has never been a man that got his head chopped off by a shovel in the AZ prison system. A shovel would have never been issued on a level 4 yard without constant supervision. "Rocky" also has never been at SMU 1 for any reason! You and everyone else who believes these stories may want to ask how I know the answers to these questions!

Anonymous said...

Looking back from a few years down the line, it's almost tragic that so much effort went into the poster above me trying to make themselves appear mysterious and knowledgeable, only to provoke a reaction from absolutely bloody nobody! What can I say except "lol"