Question Time With A Blood (Part 5)

Bones of the South Side Posse Bloods is serving sixteen years for leading a gang, assisting a crime syndicate, kidnapping and aggravated assault.

Jose in San Diego wrote:

Good post ESE! Me being from Califas [California] I am foreign to how things are run in Arizas [Arizona]. I have heard tidbits here and there about the cars [gangs] in the pintas [prisons] in Arizona, and it is quite interesting how politics differ etc.

Bones replied:

Jose, yeah, you’re right, things were pretty much the same as Califas back in the days. Such as having to line up with your race regardless of which hood you represented. But, yeah, I know and you know that a black can be from a Hispanic gang, and a white can be accepted as Chicano if they are from the same barrio. But this is where I think we as Hispanics are being hypocritical. Because the above is ok for Hispanic, but if it's the other way around, a Hispanic being from a black or white gang, it is forbidden! And that does not sit right with me.

Back in the days my first time down when I hit the yard all was good. Back in 1990, I did 3 years. The Mexicans back then helped you out and it didn't matter what hood you were from.
I was one of the first from our hood to go to prison. I believe there were two others there before me. The Mexicans would give you hygiene, stamps, clothes, etc. when you hit the yard if you needed it. My first time down, the Mexicans in prison had never even heard of our hood. I had been down a little over a year before issues started to rise about my hood. Because other vatos my age started to hit the prison from other hoods, and I scrapped a few times with these vatos. But the older vatos told me and the others, whatever happen on the streets stays on the streets. Well that changed the second time down. I did 1½ years. If you were from Posse [South Side Posse Blood Gang] there was a green light on you. In other words it was ok to fuck up or take out a South Side Posse member without getting any repercussions for it. And as a member of South Side Posse, you had a choice to either cover up the tattoo S.S.P. or put hx after the P, So it would read South Side Phx [Phoenix]. Or if you chose not to, you would get beat down or even a helicopter ride to the hospital. I ran into homies that covered it up and some that put S. S. Phx. I also know a few homies that held on strong and made it through and back out to the streets and never covered or put S. S. Phx, and some that ended up where they ended up at. And I got much love for them too, “for not bowing down.”

Jose, in your comment you have pedo {problems] with Norteños [Northerners] who align themselves with the blacks. Well, you see back in my hard gang banging days we never aligned ourselves with blacks, or Mexicans, or whites, or paisas.
Back then we went to war with anyone, it didn't matter if you were from a Crip, Mexican, paisa, white or another blood gang. If you started pedo with us, we would come to your hood to handle it.

Shoot, nowadays there are all kinds of different Mexican Blood gangs in Arizona. There’s even a South Side Posse in Tucson now. There was one gang I remember that we used to have beef with called Brown Pride in South Phoenix. But then we ended up being cool with them, but I don't know how it is now. That was back in 1994.

Yes, there is or was two fractions of EME [Mexican Mafia] in Arizona, also you can't forget about the paisas {Mexican nationals] too. For a little while all Califas boys had their own yards as well as the paisas and the Arizona boys. But now they are all mixed into one yard again.

But nowadays it’s not the same as the old days. Now you have a guy in each yard or building that is called the mail man. Which means whether you are sending out personal letters to the streets or a kite, inmate letters, or Health Needs Request forms or any paperwork out, it has to go to the mail man in your building for inspection. Man, to me that’s crazy. It was never like that back in the days. Or if you’re Mexican and run a store on the yard, you have to give a % of your profits to the head honcho on the yard. It didn't used to be that way before. And if you’re doing the onda [drugs], the head honcho gets a quarter of whatever your bring in. And if you’re programming, getting your G.E.D., A.A. [Alcoholics Anonymous], N. A. [Narcotics Anonymous] or a college course etc., you have to go with another Mexican. You can't roll out on your own. No playing poker on another race's poker table because you’re making them a profit. You can play spades with white dude for fun, but if you’re playing with black dudes you have to be gambling.
And if you work in the kitchen you must cut off your mustache, they don't want hair in the food. And its mandatory everything: chow, recreation, and when you’re at rec you have to do something productive. Not just kicking it.

Now this is the only one I agree with, no talking to a C.O. [Corrections Officer] by yourself. Man, it’s just real crazy. It’s like being on probation or even house arrest. A lot of these rules didn't apply back in the days. To me, if you have to have a mail man or be escorted from one place to another, then the man in charge is paranoid or is not on top of his game. To me, if you’re on top of your game, you shouldn't have to worry about who's mailing what or going wherever. In other words, they need to check the people in their circle more than people outside of the circle.

Yeah, the Califa Guard and the New Arizona Guard are or where going at it. Well their may be several reasons why they go at it, but I believe the main reason is because the Califa Guard don't agree with the way the Arizona Guard are running things. And it’s like I told you, it’s real crazy over here. Not only do you have the new AZ [Arizona] guard, but they are even split between each other and now there’s a new, new AZ guard. In my opinion, I don't even think that the Mexican Mafia in AZ is recognized by other Mexican Mafia affiliations in other states. I hate to talk about my own state like that, but shit is really fucked up here.

Jose, you seem well educated. I will say that you have studied your gang history.
I think that is one of the problems with gangs anywhere. Gang members are not well educated. So they don't think thinks out. Their solution to a problem is, “Fuck it, smash him.” Also jealousy and envy, greed and dope are problems.

Hey, Jose, I have one question for you. (K) You say it’s interesting to see Mexicans claim Bloods. And that you, your hood, have pedo with Norteños, who align themselves with blacks. And if I'm not mistaken Norteños out there in Califas wear red clothing, right. You being a Sureño [Southerner] in Califas. I've asked this to several dudes here from southern Califas this question. And could not get a good and quick response. Why do Sureños in Califas wear blue clothing?

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Shaun P. Attwood

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reply Bones. With the tentacles of California gang culture reaching every state, it is interesting to me how each states' culture breeds it own monster.

I will first respond to your question in regards to why we have adapted blue as our color. Back in the early 1960's when the Mexican Mafia was born, the California Department of Corrections would hand out blue bandanas to those who were working on certain labor crews, and so the only colored issue was blue. As history shows, the Mexican Mafia was the only hispanic prison gang back in those days. When the fallout with the Northern Hispanics came into fruition, the Nuestra Familia chose to adapt the color red to represent themselves and to distinguish their identity from the rival Southern hispanics. Since then, the Southerners have remained blue while the Northerners still represent red. Of course now bandanas are not alowed in prisons, so those on the outside still use the colors as symbols of identity.

I am well versed in the gang life, being a heavy participant in the past and previously incarcerated, so I am an expert when it comes to my states affairs, but as I stated previously, it is interesting how other states deal with the politics.

Bones, I will be submitting a post to this website soon. You'll have more info on my past as well as where I currently am in life. I brought to Shauns attention that I was always on the downlow and minded my own during my prison stints, so I don't have any crazy stories, but the events that led to my incarceration would make a great read. Take care Bones and once again thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Best wishes. -Jose in San Diego.