From Iron Man (Letter 6)

Iron Man - A martial-arts expert and personal trainer whose crimes include smashing someone’s door down: "I didn’t hurt anyone. I just wanted my fuckin’ money." His workouts are brutal. "I’ll have you in the best shape of your life by the time you get out," he told me.


Hello, Brother!

I hope that things are going well for you, and you are seizing the day, every day.

That is exactly what I am doing. I’ve got a sweet gig here. I am the unit’s Personal Fitness Trainer, and I also teach a yoga class five days a week. The Iron Man Training program is in full swing here.

I’ve set up an Iron man Challenge, and it is scheduled for November 5th. It will be a timed event and quite intense.

The yard they have moved me to is located between some small mountains and large hills. Lots of saguaro cactus and desert foliage. It is a beautiful place.

I had my own room for a couple of weeks, and now I have a roommate who has a Master’s degree in Business Administration. We immediately worked out an exchange of knowledge, and now I am giving him intensive one-on-one physical fitness training, and he is giving me Business Management classes six hours a week.

All of my time is spent with extreme focus, and the pursuit of excellence in every area of my life.

Just a few more months and I will be breathing the free air once again.

So what is going on with you these days? Are you close to getting your book published? How is the martial arts training going?

My third grandson was born on September 17th. He entered the world at 9:30am and kept his eyes open most of the day, just looking around and taking in the world. He is growing steadily and is in perfect health. I can’t wait to stand holding him in my arms, a free man on February 17th.

It is going to be good to talk to you again. The Book of Proverbs teaches that “as iron sharpens iron, a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” The time you invested teaching me yoga was time well spent, and continues to benefit me and my students.

Take care of yourself, Brother.

Love and Respect,

Iron Man

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Shaun P. Attwood


Anonymous said...

Greta to read the Iron Man's spending his time wisely.

Anonymous said...

great to see a few more of your friends having a release date closing in. -Jose in San Diego

AF1 said...

Awesome to see Iron Man getting out soon.

Anonymous said...

A book recently came out that was called Convict Conditioning and appears to be getting quite popular.

I don't see why Iron Man can't publish something similar upon his release, he sounds like he knows what he's doing. Hopefully a publisher will take interest.