Question Time with Lifer Helen

Helen’s boyfriend murdered her son. Not only did she lose her son, but she was sentenced to 20 years for the murder. 9 years into her sentence, she’s writing from a state prison in Georgia.

Leigh: Are you seeing triple bunking (three to a cell previously housing two) like the guys are?

Helen: No, I’m not seeing the triple bunking because yet again I was moved to C-unit. I live now in a room with 15 other women, so there are 16 of us.

Leigh: I'm curious about the programs the state brags about. Are you at a facility that has the horse/ animal rehab thing? Or the choir that just released a cd? Do many people actually get to participate in those things or how does that work?

Helen: We are offered very little here as far as programs. They have a pig farm here, but it’s hard to get on it.

Leigh: Has the smoking ban gone into effect yet where you are?

Helen: The smoking ban doesn’t go into effect until December 2010.

Jose in San Diego: Are you eligible for parole? Are you in the middle of appeals or have you filed?

Helen: As far as parole, I come up for review in 2011 and my TPM is 2015. But I feel like I’ll get out before then. I’m currently going through Project of Innocence.

Jose in San Diego: What is your level of classification?

Helen: I’m medium security, and have been the whole time I’ve been locked up.

Well, I really thank everyone for the support, and hope to hear from you soon.


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Shaun P. Attwood


Robert35 said...

hey girl it's me from Millen again. Remember to write me as often as you can. I believe you. Call me when you can. and never forget, I love you. Did you get the last letter I wrote to you. I did received yours. I hope you are doing okay. I think about you and pray for you daily. YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!!


Anonymous said...

great topic