From Warrior (Letter 7)

Warrior - Serving fourteen years for kidnapping and aggravated assault. Half Hispanic and Scottish-Irish with family still in Mexico. Brought up by a family steeped in drug commerce. He writes some of the best prison-fight stories on the Internet.


The holidays here were memorable in a negative way. Three stabbings and three vicious fights in the month of December. One prisoner lost an ear. A few had to be medevaced (helicoptered) to the hospital. And that doesn’t include the riots that went down.

I try to be optimistic:

“Half of the yard is rioting.”
“Oh, well, at least it’s not the whole yard.”

“A prisoner lost an ear.”
“At least it wasn’t an eye, and he still has a spare ear.”

“A prisoner had to be medevaced.”
“At least he was free among the birds in the chopper for a while.”

But to be honest, all of the stress and violence is wearing me down. After 10 years, it gets harder to hold onto your sanity and civility.

At least the pressure caused me to explode in a productive way. I’ve filed a federal appeal and another state one. I stumbled upon some new evidence that could help me get a reduced sentence.

Well, bro, it’s 2010. Here’s to a future full of good due to class, character and hard work. Let’s redefine ourselves and the definition of success not by politicians, celebrities and sports stars but by those making a difference in our lives and the world at large like Mom and Dad, prison volunteers, teachers, mentors like your Sally Hinchcliffe, those that invest their time, not air time. Most of all, lets be good to one another.

Tell the readers to keep me in their prayers. I have them in mine.

Much Love Bro,


P.S. Let’s all turn on the light bulb of our minds, to brighten up this freakin’ world. One small act has the potential to impact thousands, millions, and more.

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Shaun P. Attwood


Anonymous said...

Great compassionate read!

Michael Phillip Pearce

Scambuster said...

Wow Warrior, I can only imagine what is like in there and the pressure you face. Keeping ones sanity must be quite the challenge.

Great story, what prison was this?

Anonymous said...

Why did the violence get so crazy over the holidays? Is that normal?

Can we get a blog about the prisoner who lost his ear? Must be quite a story!


Jon said...


For Warrior's personal safety, I'll email you the name of the prison directly.

Several of the prisoners who write for this blog are presently experiencing retribution from the guards.

dawnt said...

Hey Jon, in case you hadn't heard... there is a huge anti-Arpaio protest today. Crowd estimates are about 10k. The marchers just arrived at tent city. Arpaio has the jail on lockdown, riot police everywhere, and helicopters overhead (not sure what helicopters will do if crowd gets out of control).

Jon said...

thanks, dawnt

here's a link to the march:

i hope it does some good for the anti arpaio cause

Anonymous said...

Police use pepper spray at a peaceful march against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Police estimate the crowd against Arpaio at 10,000.

Mike of the North said...

Warrior, it's a good thing that you've found writing. You may be physically incarcerated, but mentally you can stay free. I've never been popped but it was only luck. I wish the best for you. You seem to know what many on the outside will never know, that all of us have a light inside that makes us all brothers and sisters. Stay strong. Stay focused on being a friend to those that need friendship the most.

leigh said...

does the holiday season tend to bring with it problems/ violence? i know a lot of people get depressed/ stressed out during the holidays----i can only imagine it must be more difficult for everyone behind bars. it sounds like your time is getting to you, Warrior----i hope you can get some positive results from your appeals. it's good that you are working on that and trying to stay positive!

Jon said...

Leigh & Ghost,

The Xmas holiday season is a particularly stressful time for prisoners as being absent from their loved ones really makes their situation felt. This stress often boils up into violence. The suicide rate spikes up as well.


syncopated eyeball said...

Hang on to your optimism, Warrior, and thank you for the reminder that a small act of kindness can make a big difference and even snowball into something greater.

Anonymous said...

great idea, man. tell the world.


Crazy Cracker Girl said...

Hi Warrior, Enjoy reading your posts. I'm curious as to what you believe to be your greatest strengths, and how they came to be?