Wild Man Answers to the Aryan Brotherhood for the Missing Hooch

Wild Man - My large and fearless raving partner from my hometown. He looked out for me after we were arrested, and is one of the main characters in my jail memoir. His first day at Buckeye prison, he knocked out the head of the whites in his dorm, so the Aryan Brotherhood put him in charge, and authorised him to brew hooch.

“So how did the Aryan Brotherhood approach you about the missing hooch you owed them?” I asked Wild Man.

“The head of the whites from the next dorm came over. He said the head of the yard wasn’t gonna be happy.
I told him, ‘Some bottles got knocked over in the ruckus.’
He said, ‘You caused the ruckus!’
‘How did I cause it?’ I asked.
‘’Cause you made the hooch’
‘They told me to make the hooch!’
So I was called out to rec to answer to the head of the yard, and all his white brothers. I gave him the three bottles left, and said, ‘Some shit went down. I’ll get you back. Two got knocked over in the ruckus.’
He wasn’t too bothered about the hooch. He was bothered about what went on with the other races. I told him there was no riot, just a couple of personal disagreements. That Casper and Adam weren’t getting along, so they had a squabble, and the beef is now squashed.
‘Could it have been avoided?’ he asked.
‘Do you think if everyone weren’t drunk, it could have been avoided?’
‘What do you think?’ I said.
‘No need to be cocky. I was just asking.’
Now Boon, the head of the whites in the building next to me started laughing.
The main head looks at Boon as if to say, Shut the hell up. Then he tells me, ‘You need to control your dorm a little better.’
I told him, ‘I didn’t want the job in the first place. If I was on a higher yard, I wouldn’t even be a head ’cause I’m not American.’ I basically threw the problem back on his toes. If word got to another yard that he’d made a foreigner the head of a dorm, the order would come down from the Aryan Brotherhood to have him smashed.
‘My bad,’ he said. ‘You’re doing an alright job. Just control your youngsters a little better.’
I said, ‘That’s rich coming from the head of the yard when you’ve got five-hundred youngsters to control, and you can’t even control half of them.’
He paused for a second, and then actually laughed. Boon’s on the floor in hysterics. The other heads saw the funny side of it. It eased the tension, and everything was good.”

“But it could have gone the other way,” I said. “That’s what’s interesting about you. You never back down even when you’re surrounded by prison-gang members who easily outnumber you.”

“They could have thought I was disrespecting the head of the yard and dog-piled me.”

“Didn’t you worry about that possibility when you opened your mouth?”

“I’m 50-50. I’m not bothered. My ace in the hole was Boon. He was the head of a building, and had my back, so his whole building would have backed me up. The head could have took it as a personal issue and fought me one-on-one. But no one really liked this head. He was a druggie. He never looked after the youngsters. He’d get them high, and sweat them to have their families put money on their books to pay off the drug debts. He was a dirt bag. On the streets, he was no one. He was such a loser, he’d done so much time, he was covered in prison ink.”

“So why was he the head of the yard?”

“For stabbing someone, and ’cause he’d done over twenty years in prison.”

“You knew you could fight him one-on-one didn’t you?”

“He worked out his upper body so much it was like he had two different bodies. He was big up top, but had sparrow legs. When you knock someone, it’s the legs that have gotta hold you up. He needed to do some squats.”

“How many more stories like this you got?”

“We haven’t even got past my first month in prison yet.”

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Shaun P. Attwood


Anonymous said...

I just love how Wild Man takes no bullcrap from anybody, even these heavies.


Tim said...

How about some photos of him John?

Jon said...


There is a pic of Wild Man here:


Anonymous said...

great blog. just found you

Anonymous said...

very good blog. sounds just like wild man. totally aloof and without concern for the well-being of.... anyone. how funny. i also told others about your site, so your fan base will hopefully continue growing. good job.

jessica fine

syncopated eyeball said...

It seems Wild Man has a wide variety of negotiation skills!