Dawn of a New Adventure (Part 7)

I did 3 talks to schools last year, which led me to believe that the talks would take a long time to build. Now all of a sudden, I’m doing 2 to 3 a week. Teachers are telling other teachers about my talk, and I’m getting inundated with calls and emails. I even had an enquiry from as far away as China. Audience reactions have ranged from girls crying over the jail conditions to boys mobbing me at the end with questions. The teachers are generally inviting me back on the spot. It’s great to see the young people showing so much interest in my story, and how it’s affecting them.

Here's an email I got from a student after a talk: "Thank you so much for coming in to speak to us all today. I found it really interesting. It was a moving, yet extremely powerful story and has made me think twice about my future and staying as far away as possible from all drugs." Matt Northwood (February 2010)

Local newspapers have been reporting on my talks, and one even made a video of me with some of the pupils. Click here to see the video.

I talked to my largest audience this morning, 400 students at Weydon School in Farnham. I stayed behind for an extra 15 minutes answering questions.

Last Friday, I saw a brilliant play in London called Slaves, about prisoners and guards. Written by Rex Obano, an ex-prison employee, the dialogue and accuracy of detail were spot on. The expressions on the actors were so accurate, I actually got flashbacks to prison. It was an extremely high standard of work, and by far the best play I’ve seen since getting released.
If you wish to see Slaves, click here for more info.

Thanks for all of the book-title suggestions! They're under review by my publisher.

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Shaun P. Attwood


Anonymous said...

Powerful video and I think the word smitten should be used a whole lot more often! ;0)

Vanessa Houk

Anonymous said...

looked like the diet alone was enough to put the kids off

Amina Marix Evans

Karen said...

Great video. How many local paper articles have there been now? Kags

Kat said...


I'm so glad that you are doing this work.
It is so important to show young people what drugs can do, that it destroy the live and can end in the jail.
I'm so glad that you have a new, positive life and to help other people and prisoners.
That's why I love you.

Your Kathi xxx

Jon said...


There have been about 4-5 local newspaper reports on the talks in the past month. Two photographers were at the talk this morning. I'm scheduled to talk at my home high school in April, so that should get some good coverage.

Anonymous said...

hi, you came to our school to do a talk today (weydon, farnham)
just wanted to say it really moved me, good luck with your book and future plans :)

Soph 'Ronald' Hart

Anonymous said...

how exciting for you!

Anonymous said...

I know you won't confirm this Shaun but just wanted too say thanks for changing it from Woking too Farnham ;)

thanks for the talk, was very moving and interesting and has definetly changed my opinion on drugs.

Jon said...

thx, anon

i was in woking last week hence the mistake

it means a lot when you say my story is influencing your behaviour

Anonymous said...

i thought your talk which you did at weydon was amazing and moving. i was shocked by what went on in the prisons as i had no clue about this sort of thing before.
you told a horrific story about an incident where a man was killed in a shower. was this a personal experience? and is it on your blog? thanks

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting against the tyranny of sheriff joe arpaio

Jon said...

anonymous weydon student,

thanks for your kind words

a lot of the excerpts you heard at your school are from my book, the book covers the 26 months i spent in sheriff joe arpaio's jail, the blog only covers my last few months at that jail, so the book is mostly new material

the guy who was smashed in the shower left on a stretcher with yellow fluid leaking from his head

a death in the shower was also documented here:


if you go back to the very beginning of this blog via the archives on the right hand side, you'll see what i wrote from the jail while i was there

Anonymous said...

When is the book set to be released?

Jon said...

it's slated for sep-oct release in the UK

Anonymous said...

Awesome, i'll be getting it :)

Anonymous said...

great that you are getting to talk to more kids aout your time in jail

all good karma for you dude


syncopated eyeball said...

Good on you, Shaun. It must give you a great feeling to be able to make such positive use of your horrific experiences in jail.

Cityboy said...

Hi Jon,

I too would like to go into schools and give talks. But due to a restraining order and ASBO I'm not allowed within 4 miles of any school.

I think your talks are fascinating. You have shown me a true and frank insight into the world of drugs. To that end, I’m now going to set myself up as a drug dealer sell loads and loads. I probably won't become a stock broker as I cannot pick socks for the right feet let alone stocks...

As they say in Russia, Mosgow.