From Polish Avenger (Letter 2)

Polish Avenger – A software-engineering undergraduate sentenced to 25 years because his friend was shot dead during a burglary they were committing. In Arizona, if a burglar gets killed, the accomplices can get 25-year sentences.

Ever have that childhood nightmare of having the toilet right up at the front of the classroom? Well, that’s what we’ve got in the prison they recently moved us to. The bathroom is six meters wide, and the only thing next to the thunderpot is a tiny wall half a meter wide – the feet and knees definitely stick out! And so we all had to adapt quickly or get severely backed up. Myself, I find it rather amusing, and just settle in with a book or a cup of joe. Might as well provide some entertainment, right? Hmm…

So I obviously survived the big move. Other than the toilet, it’s not a bad place here, really. Naturally, not everyone is as pleased about it. Particularly those who got laid off, like Jack! But, by and large, the plusses outweigh the minuses. I rather like it, myself. Better dorms, much better food, decent exercise equipment – even medicine balls and ab wheels! And I have a rather tremendous job over at the construction class making 40 cents an hour. So, as ever, I’m pleased. Plus I’ve got a little spot reserved for yoga, so what could go wrong? Hmmm…hold that thought!

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Shaun P. Attwood


Matt said...

Never had the toilet dream, but always had the naked or "in my underwear at school" dreams!

leigh said...

so the toilet has something of a stall but the "wall" of it is smaller while raised off the ground? they tried that in GA but in an even less sensible way: they took down the stalls in the newly constructed building and placed two cinderblocks on the ground on either side of the toilets. no one got privacy that way (in particular not the female guards who filed sexual assault DRs on the guys). they got the stalls back.

when you say Jack was laid off what do you mean? he's lost his previous detail or has he lost a detail altogether? i'm glad that you can at least earn something for the work you do (the rate ought be increased, though!) because not all states do that. GA prefers a straight slave labor approach.

you say you're getting 40 cents an hour---is that the standard wage or can it vary? are you able to get a raise after so long on the job? do you have to work or can you decide that you'd rather not? is there work for everyone who wants to work?

what changes have you seen (if any) since the economy has gotten even worse over the past couple of years? have you noticed anything specific that we on the outside might not think of as much?

syncopated eyeball said...

Polish Avenger - so cheerful! Shaun - any more letters from Jack?

Jon said...

not recently, sync, but if you put his name in the blogger search box at the top left hand side of this page, all of his letters will come up

syncopated eyeball said...

Thanks, Shaun, I'll do that.

Alvaradojkrf said...

Never had the toilet dream, but always had the naked or "in my underwear at school" dreams!