The Death of Marcia Powell 2 (by Lifer Renee) 

Renee previously wrote how Marcia died after being locked in an outdoor cage and denied water by the guards. Some guards were disciplined.

Posted by anonymous:

Fact: Marcia Powell died because she was too stupid to drink from the 10-gallon jug of cold ice water at the back of her 'rec enclosure'.
And the reason there was no cover on her 'rec enclosure'? Because Marcia herself had torn it down on a previous occassion. 

Renee responded:

Fact: Before Marcia died, there were no shade structures on the cage. They were removed because they were sun-damaged, dry-rotted and half ripped off in a storm. Prior to Marcia’s death, the cages had four sides of chain-link fence with chain-link attached to the top. There was a chain-link door with a small opening much like a trap in the door 4” x 12” maybe, so handcuffs can be placed on or removed. So unless Marcia could crawl through a 4” x 12” opening and climb on top of the chain-link roof there was no way she could tear it off.

Fact: Before Marcia died, there was only one water jug kept by the officers control room where they got the water from.

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Shaun Attwood  


Anonymous said...

No one could be "too stupid" not to take advantage of water, if it were available, in that kind of heat.

Apparently, some anonymous commenters can be stupid enough to think someone could pick up a 10 gallon container and chug it like a Big Gulp, however.

sewa mobil said...

Thanks for this article.

Jason said...

I was looking through the inmate database and found Marcia's picture long before the incident of her death. I felt sorry for her then.Her face and history told a tale of mental illness and the symptoms that follow. Her passing has reminded me to stay vigilant and educate as many people as possible about mental illness. Thanks for the post Shaun and Renee.

~Big Jason

Sandee said...

Don't you just LOVE how someone who wasn't even there during this poor womans demise knows it all! I LOVE your post Rene :)