A Braining (by Shane)

Shane - Denied psychiatric medication by ValueOptions, Shane turned to illegal drugs financed by burglaries. For stealing a few hundred dollars worth of goods, he was sentenced to eleven years. Shane is the author of the blog Persevering Prison Pages.

Standing in the doorway to my cell, I was about to shut my door when an inmate masked with long sleeves and an orange shirt covering his face entered through the cellblock’s open back door. The masked man was carrying a large river rock. Without hesitation or a single glance at me the man casually walked down the hallway, passed me, and into the day room.

From my doorway, I watched him move behind Bob (conman Robert Owens), raise the rock high above his head and bring it crashing down with a sickening hollow thunk.

Bob fell forward and the man followed, throwing the rock at Bob’s head. It bounced solidly off the back of his head. The man kicked Bob in the head and face repeatedly.

The man calmly turned and casually walked back down the hallway, still not a single glance at me as he passed by and went out of the back door.

Seconds later, a corrections officer entered the same door that the masked man had exited.
Other convicts moved Bob into his cell before the guard entered the day room, but weren’t able to clean up the copious amount of blood covering the wall next to where Bob sat or the pool of blood where he bled unconscious on the floor.
The guard passed by, oblivious, or perhaps uncaring of what had happened.

An hour later, Bob was taken from the cellblock to the Emergency Room.

Rumour has it that Bob, a well-known and highly-publicized conman had gained access to other convicts visitation files at his job in administration, despite his crimes, past prison history, and multiple warnings by the prison population.
Strangely, it was the unit’s female deputy warden who had kept him employed in his position. It is a wonder how she is still the DW considering that one of her CO’s narrowly escaped death or serious injury by the masked man. The guard would have been at serious risk if he had entered the cellblock a few seconds earlier. The masked man was never found.

Shaun Attwood   

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Anonymous said...

"Come back so I may brain thee" ~Jim Carrey in The Cable Guy

This Robert Ownes guy definitely pissed off a lot of people and was pushing his luck a long time before incarcerations entered the picture. I think back to reading about Shaun's shower story of a guy getting smashed and the description of man's head being cracked open. These stories are brutal and yet honest. This is what goes on behind bars. Thanks for the story Shane, I enjoy them and also your blog.

~Big Jason