Sammy the Bull Gravano Hard Time Excerpt in Cosa Nostra News 

As part of the release of the US Hard Time hardback in America, a Mafia news website has run an excerpt from Hard Time about one of my run-ins with Sammy the Bull's crew. Click here to read it.

Shaun Attwood


John said...

I stumbled on this yesterday and was going to email you the link.

I'm too slow, clearly!

Jason said...

I used to work at off-campus ASU apartments for students(apache commons and village on uni). During that time we ran into a few X dealers. I remember a few of the dealers were talking about some beef they had with some other guys and how they had a confrontation at a night club off Apache trail. One kid was the nephew a Jewish nightclub owner in Scottsdale. They were clearly talking about the beef between Sammy and Shaun. If I'm not mistaken, some of it had to do with some white kids out of Gilbert pulling "muscle" for Sammy.

~Big Jason